This doesn’t really need a recipe since I’ve already posted the one for the carnitas, and the super light cilantro lime ranch… and you probably know how to make a taco. BUT all of these things come together SO well–and I have these lovely pictures lying around …and sometimes it’s the little tips that MAKE IT.  Not all tacos are created equal.

So there. Blog-worthy.

Light Instant Pot Carnitas Tacos

Like or instance, I was out of romain, and cabbage which are my usual go-tos for tacos. So I used these dark greens instead and turns out it’s my favorite way to eat them now! I just feel like compliments the creamy dressing and garlicky pork best…

Also one of the most amazing revelations I’ve had with food since I started counting macros is how much I don’t miss cheese. And I LOVE CHEESE! Who doesn’t!? But I thought it was a total MUST with Mexican, and I’ve been surprised to find that with a yummy dressing like this cilantro lime ranch, and a light sprinkle of rich, salty cotija that amounts to so little fat overall…. I’m just fine without jack or cheddar… or whatever I was using before.

Maybe that’s just me. But if you’re not already using cotija on all of your mexican food, YOU’RE NOT LIVING.  Or at best, your tacos aren’t as good.

Light Instant Pot Carnitas Tacos

Oh and these extra thin mission corn tortillas are my favorite. I see a lot of people mention the street taco tortillas because of the macros. But they’re like bite-sized! That just means I’d need eight so that’s not gonna work for me. These are totally legit sized, you’d never even notice they’re thinner… but they’re only eight carbs a piece! Easy to fit three tacos for dinner. They’re also perfect for baking your own tostadas… or chips for these nachos– YUM.

In fact make a double batch of the carnitas and put all three in your week’s meal plan! Done.

Easy Healthy Crispy Carnitas Tacos with light cilantro lime ranch
Light Instant Pot Carnitas Tacos

Skinny Crispy Carnitas Tacos with Cilantro Lime Ranch

The most obvious and maybe my favorite thing to do with these delicious, light, crispy carnitas.
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Author Lillie
Course Mexican
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 495 kcal


  • 3 extra thin Mission corn tortillas follow the link to see what they look like, I get mine at Ralphs and sometimes Walmart. Only 8 carbs per tortilla and they’re totally normal sized, not tiny like street tacos.
  • 30 g chipotle cream
  • 150 g Crispy Salsa Verde Carnitas done in the crock or instant pot.
  • 25 g avocado
  • 25 g mango *optional
  • 10 g red onion
  • Spring Mix
  • 10 g cotija cheese Don’t underestimate this stuff… I think it’s the secret to bringing Mexican food to life with so little fat!
  • 30 g light cilantro lime ranch
  • radishes cilantro, and any other lovely add-ons you want…


  • Heat leftover shredded carnitas in a hot skillet sprayed with cooking spray to crisp up. (Or transfer directly from slow cooker or instant-pot, leaving much of the juices behind.) “Fry” until the liquid cooks out and the meat is a little crispy and sooo tasty. yum
  • In another pan, cook tortillas over medium high heat, spraying each side with cooking spray.
  • Divide everything amongst those three tortillas. Top each with a thin spread of chipotle cream, carnitas, avocado, mango (if you have it), red onion, spring mix, cotija, and a drizzle of cilantro lime ranch.


To log: Search MFP for “Lillie Eats and Tells Carnitas Tacos.”


Serving: 3tacosCalories: 495kcalCarbohydrates: 51.5gProtein: 42.2gFat: 13.4gSaturated Fat: 3.9gFiber: 8.4g
Keywords carnitas, chipotle cream, cilantro lime ranch, instant pot, mexican, pork tenderloin, tacos

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  1. 5 stars
    We make these at least once a week. The carnitas are delicious! And, as usual, Lillie takes the guess work out of macro counting, if you’re into that. If not, just enjoy the deliciousness!