Hi!  I’m so late to this blogging world, I can’t imagine there’s room for one more. But I’m on a mission to share so I’m gonna give it a go!  I’m already so flattered you’re reading this.  It feels so narcissistic to have a whole page “about me”. And let’s be honest… “me” alone is not really a thing since I’m part of this tribe right here. They’re my everything.  We spent most of our marriage out in the Palm Springs area of southern California, and during the pandemic, relocated to San Diego! It’s where I grew up, and it’s been our dream to get back.

My husband Ross works in finance and I stay home to raise these four wild, beautiful little people.  Like every mom knows, life is chaotic and busy and I constantly feel inadequate and I’m always learning and I’m certainly destined for premature gray….  but I’d change nothing.

We’re LDS and our lives are fueled by our love for our Savior and for others.  Or at least that’s our goal!  We’re also fueled by a freezer-stash of cookie dough balls and (one of us) obviously by copious amounts of the nightly shake.  We hope to raise good, kind, hard-working children who genuinely serve and help their neighbor and add to society.  I love to watch my kids tell stories to each other, I love to snuggle the neck of my youngest when he’ll still let me, and I HAVE to stay up way too late watching shows at night during “shake hour” with Ross after they’re all finally in bed. It’s like a ritual.

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If you read my macro story, you know I started counting back in November of 2016 and while I fell in love with the changes I was seeing and feeling from it, I really struggled with the new outlook on food. Low fat? But I thought I should be adding coconut oil and chia to my – everything.  Mind blown. While the food-snob in me wanted to hide my face when I was buying low-fat bottled salad dressings, I couldn’t deny the progress I was seeing and feeling.  I was converted. But there was no way I was going to eat a Laughing Cow cheese wedge mixed into egg whites for the rest of my days. And cooking had always been such an important part of my life! I wasn’t about to let go of the bonding time in the kitchen with my girls, filling our home with memories and aromas.  That’s just too important.

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So I resigned myself to coming up with real, satisfying, DELICIOUS meals, like the ones we were used to– only with a few tweaks.  Meals heavy with flavor and variety, and even with size and volume, and yet light on macros! It’s like magic.  I’m loving the challenge, and I love what I eat more than ever!  Being so intentional about my meals and almost never having eaters-remorse (coining that) has made my relationship with food a pure joy.

So even though I can’t seem to find time to finish putting away a load of laundry before the next batch is added to it, I can’t HELP but find time to create new yummy recipes to add to my macro-friendly arsenal.  I’m constantly amazed at how much delicious and creative food can fit in a day when I’m conscious of exactly what I’m fitting in THE FOOD.

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Whether you’re a macro counter or just came here for a sandwich recipe and are now scratching your head in my macro rabbit-hole, I hope I can make your meal-time a little easier while helping you maintain or reach your healthy goals.  I’ve made it my mission to spread the word to anyone else who wants to stretch their daily calorie budget just a little bit further…. but still have their lives and souls and bellies filled with good food.