Super Bowl Sunday is coming up! Are you headed to any parties? Hosting even? Whatever you’re doing, Sunday is ALL about the food. I respect the traditional chips and dips and indulgent snacky spread… BUT. More than anything I just want to be able to take part in all the noshing, like the whole time! WITHOUT feeling HORRIBLE. It can be done!

I scoured through my recipes to gather up some good, healthy (even macro-friendly), and TASTY Super Bowl recipes. I hope you’re hungry.

Macro-Friendly Super Bowl round-up: Buffalo

Obviously spicy buffalo screams football, right? Buffalo wings, buffalo dip, buffalo sauce…I’m a total fan! I’ve been on a major buffalo tuna kick for lunch lately— but I’m not sure if anyone serves tuna at a party. Even smother in buffalo sauce? Here are some of my other favorite macro-friendly buffalo recipes that I think you’ll enjoy during the big game. 

Chek out the ultimate macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for ideas that you can enjoy on game day.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

First up: a toasty bun filled with creamy buffalo shredded chicken and fresh, crunchy slaw. Broil a sheet pan of buns when everyone is ready to eat and throw them in basket next to a pot of the chicken and a bowl of slaw. EASY for guests. And so yummy! It is easy to have as a meal, or use little buns for sliders so they can eat ALL the other things too. It pairs so well with my Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing.

Come see my macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for healthy alternatives to add to your game day offerings.

Skinny Buffalo Turkey Meatball Subs

Make the meatballs ahead, toss them in buffalo sauce on game day and you’ve almost got this delicious unpretentious little number. Toast the brioche hot dog buns and toss your slaw. Another winner! So light and macro-friendly but NO ONE WOULD KNOW. It’s wild really.

You could always skip the buns and cook up these skinny buffalo turkey meatballs on their own to serve as a finger food too. Drizzle with a little ranch, serve with celery and your’e SET.

Macro-Friendly Super Bowl round-up: Sandwiches and Burgers

I don’t think it is possible to have football without a juicy sandwich or burger piled high with toppings. In fact, I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to sandwiches and burgers. Here are two of my FAVORITES. Again, you can make them the main course, or make them into sliders as part of a big spread. So you can — eat the whole spread. yes please.

What's on the menu for game day? Check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for ideas.


This fig and blue cheese turkey burger may not be red and juicy like beef, but it is so full of flavor! I think some people are scared of ground turkey, because once you have ground turkey done wrong, and can’t get that twice cooked deli meat flavor out of your head, it’s hard to come back. But I hope you do! There is a reason I labeled it my favorite burger ever. You don’t even have to worry about fats with this burger because it’s a FRACTION of that of a traditional beef burger. Even Ross, who orders a burger like 75% of our date nights, is OBSESSED with these fig burgers.

Do you already have your menu set for the big game? Check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for ideas.

Lightened-up BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Cilantro and Lime Slaw

Such an easy crowd pleaser, these BBQ pulled pork sandwiches are PERFECT if you’re hosting. Everyone can build their toasty, saucy sandwich with this zesty cilantro lime slaw. If you’re an overachiever, let the meat double as a topping for a big sheet pan of bbq pulled pork nachos. Throw them in your oven or on your smoker to melt the cheese and crisp up the pork. Bring them in and pile on whatever guac, slaw, or pico you have lying around!

That’s it, I’m coming over.

Macro-Friendly Super Bowl round-up: Dips

Dips are a must at any Super Bowl party. In my opinion, they are the superstar of the spread. Something you can keep coming back to throughout the day while cheering for your favorite team to bring home the win. Or when you realize you don’t really care who wins because you’re just here for the food.

Here are a couple of my favorite light and simple, macro-friendly dips.

Are you a dip and chip person? Check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round-up. It is full of dip recipes and more.

Trader Joe’s Lentil Dip

At our house, we love Trader Joe’s Lentil Dip, but I couldn’t help but tighten up the macros on a family favorite. Store-bought lentils, bruschetta, cucumber, feta. SO EASY, and really, so healthy. You can feel good about this one.

Come check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round-up. There's always room for macros on game day.

Fresh and Easy Corn Salsa

I love any salsa, but I especially love this recipe because of the bursts of sweet corn and fresh cilantro. It is  perfect to eat with chips while watching the game (or with tacos or salads to lighten up a weeknight meal) This salsa will brighten up any party!

Macro-Friendly Super Bowl round-up: Salads 

Salads may not be the most traditional dish of the Super Bowl celebrations, but it is a great way to add some greens and feed a crowd. And perhaps balance out the rest of the food that might be there haha. If you’ve been here a minute, you know I LOVE a good salad. Here are a few salads that would be great to feed a crowd. 

What food are you planning to have in your game day line up? Check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for ideas.

Wedge Salad with Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

The wedge salad with creamy blue cheese dressing would be PERFECT for a Super Bowl spread. You can even chop iceberg lettuce into smaller wedges for appetizer portions. Wedge salads would not be wedge salads without delicious bacon, and you can even throw some chicken on it if you’re really jonesing for meat. Not to mention, wedge salads look super cool and can make up feel like you’re at some nice steakhouse. This was a fan favorite over on IG. You won’t regret it.

Do you know what is going to be in your game day spread? Check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for ideas.

Quick and Easy Pickle Chicken Salad

This quick and easy pickle chicken salad is easily the most delicious chicken salad you will ever have!  Ha. That’s bold. But it’s my fave. Maybe you have to love pickles and mustard. But I’m not even sure you do! This is probably one of my most popular recipes ever. You could serve it next to a bowl of toasted croissants to build sandwiches, or even just surrounded by crackers or pita chips like a dip. Maybe offer a stack of butter lettuce leaves for little lettuce wraps! EASIEST way to get plenty of lean protein in on Sunday.

Macro-Friendly Super Bowl round-up: Finger Food

Any good party has finger food that people can easily take with them as they mingle. A macro-friendly Super Bowl round-up would not be complete without highlighting a few fun finger-foods.

What food are you planning to have in your Super Bowl spread? Check out my macro-friendly Super Bowl round up for ideas.

Greek Marinated Chicken Skewers

Food on a stick. It is a perfect low-fat option for mingling a party because guests can take the skewers with them as they circle any room. These macro-friendly greek marinated chicken skewers are super simple to make and are full of flavor! Your guests will be able to quickly have their hands free for cheering on their favorite team while also having their bellies full of healthy eats.

My macro-friendly Super Bowl round-up is full of delicious ideas for game day.

Lavash Nachos

What is better than nachos?!? Ooey gooey goodness on chips with toppings piled high. This sounds like heaven to me, and guess what…this version is macro-friendly. You can serve these nachos family-style so your guests can keep coming back for refills as they mingle. And obviously you could offer a classic sheet pan next to the lighter sheet pan so all are happy!

Macro-friendly Super Bowl Round-up

If you’re looking for the perfect health Super Bowl recipes, I hope you found something! Come hang out with me on Instagram for more ideas. I’m always sharing the newest macro-friendly concoctions I’m trying out!

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