Ok so I’ve been OBSESSED with the Fresno Fig burger ever since we got a Eureka Burger out here a couple of years ago.. this beauty is our knocked off and lightened up version.  Let’s call it a Fig and Blue Cheese Turkey Burger since it’s blue instead of goat, (but goat is soooo good too…and turkey instead of beef. And I have no attachment to Fresno. ) Anyway– this here is my FAVORITE BURGER EVER. Oh you knew that. Because the title.

Blue Cheese and Fig Turkey Burger #healthy #macrofriendly #lillielovesmacros www.lillieeatsandtells.com

The picture doesn’t do it justice, it looks so small (and I’d already snuck a bite) and it’s not all red and juicy looking like beef but I swear its so full of flavor.. and like less than a third the fat at least! Insane. It’s even Ross’s favorite–  and this is a guy who still needs the occasional western bacon cheese burger from Jack in the box in his life. Carls Junior? I don’t know. High School– thats where it’s from.  Ha! Step aside 90’s burger, Ross has a new fave. ❤

Blue Cheese and Fig Turkey Burger #healthy #macrofriendly #lillielovesmacros www.lillieeatsandtells.com

So I can honestly say that every single time we make burgers, which is almost weekly…. I pull out all of the toppings so my kids can choose what they want… and I always think we might want to mix it up and go more classic too—  but without fail, Ross and I go back. Every time. To this combo. Because it came from heaven. TRUST.

The macros for mine up there: 38C 17F 28P and 416 calories.  For a burger.

Fig and Blue cheese Turkey Burger

Fig and Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers With Caramelized Onion

There are so many flavors in this burger!! You would never guess it could be low in fat and overall so macro-friendly.
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Author Lillie
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Servings 5
Calories 416 kcal


  • 16 oz package of ground turkey 93/7
  • Reduced fat blue cheese my stater brothers sells it – treasure cave brand
  • Caramelized onion
  • Bacon
  • Roma tomato
  • Fig butter trader joes
  • Arugula
  • Fat Free Chipotle “mayo”
  • Brioche buns or favorite buns


Caramelize onions

  • Spray sliced onion with olive oil spray and sprinkle with kosher salt.
  • Cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes stirring occasionally until soft and sweet. Oh my gosh don’t skip- caramelized onions make everything so much bettttttttteeeeeer.


  • Weigh meat into 3 oz balls*.
  • Heat pan, then smash them flat, season with salt, pepper and some garlic powder, and place in hot pan for a few minutes per side. (We prefer a pan instead of the grill since ground turkey can be so soft.)
  • Top with 10 g blue cheese and cover so it melts a little. It’s not the most melty cheese but if you’re a blue cheese lover, the reduced fat still has all the flay-vuh!!

Chipotle “Mayo”

  • Just blend or chop finely, about 3 chipotle peppers with 1-2 tbs adobo sauce (start with less if you’re not into heat) into 1 cup of fat free sour cream (light mayo and greek yogurt work too.) Mix by hand or blend in blender.

For the Burgers

  • Spray buns with olive oil spray and toast on a skillet
  • Top bottom bun with 2 tbs chipotle mayo, burger, 2 tbs caramelized onion, tomato, a slice of bacon broken in half, and arugula.
  • Spread top bun with 1.5 tbs of fig butter and enjoy!


  • *This is a good meal for entertaining if you’re a macro counter because you don’t have to weigh your meat or bun later.
  • *We’ve learned we really love ground turkey.   We still love beef! Especially the good fatty stuff am I right? But we prefer ground turkey for some reason over super lean ground beef over here. I think it’s juicier. But the really lean ground beef (they have it at Traders) is just as lean or leaner maybe than regular ground turkey. And the extra lean ground turkey is gross for burgers—don’t do it. Acceptable for tacos. NOT for burgers.
  • *Before macros I was obsessed with chipotle mayo on any burger … so I’ve replaced the mayo with fat free sour cream and I hardly notice the difference! Still adds the cool creaminess and the spicy smoky flavor of the chipotle peppers.


Calories: 416kcalCarbohydrates: 38gProtein: 28gFat: 17g

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  1. 5 stars
    All around amazing! And LOVE to learn that a brioche bun has 10grams of protein!! This one is a keeper

  2. I made these tonight and was worried since I don’t love ground turkey. All 5 of my kids and I all wanted a second. They were so good! I found fig marmalade at Walmart and used goat cheese since I am allergic to blue cheese. So delicious, thanks Lillie!

  3. Made this for Fourth of July With your Berry Tart and people were raving about this combination. Do the MFP numbers include the bun?

  4. Wow! Seriously just wow! Every bite was amazingly delicious, I’m already looking forward to left overs tomorrow.

  5. I am a Trader Joe’s Fiend!! New to the Macro game and husband is carried along with me to support and try something new. He just kept saying “But what about a burger?! i just want a burger!” I dont think we spoke, or even looked at each other while we unhinged our jaw and ate the burger in one full bite. OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT BURGER GOOOOOOOD. He has requested that this burger be on the menu at least every other week!

  6. I made this tonight, and omg they were delicious! I couldn’t find fig butter anywhere in my small town so I just used apple butter. It was SO good!

  7. Oh my heck!!!! I just made this tonight! It is for sure the BEST burger I’ve ever made. Probably the BEST burger I have ever eaten! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

  8. So dumb question, for the caramelized onions do you use white or purple onions? I can tell from the picture the raw is purple.

    1. So sorry this response is probably useless now! I usually use white for caramelized, but if I’m out… I’ll use red!

    1. Ha! I haven’t looked at this recipe in a bit… I wasn’t very specific was I!? Ok it’s 10 grams! And thanks for making me realize I didn’t have it in there anywhere!