Try this easy and macro friendly buffalo chicken sandwich.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 

Don’t you just love a good chicken sandwich? Especially a buffalo chicken sandwich. With the toasted bun, and the creamy buffalo mixed with the shredded chicken. Is anyone else getting hungry? YUM.

The sauces and veggies added into this buffalo chicken sandwich make it ten times better. It tastes so indulgent — food-truck worthy– but the macros rival my lightest lunch salad!

This buffalo chicken sandwich is a dinner that can be thrown together and still look and taste amazing.

Are you a toasted bun kind of person? I LOVE a good toasted bun, and by hollowing out my bun/roll, I get ALL THE GOODNESS of a legit sandwich– not wrapped in lettuce, not open-faced–but a legit sandwich. Only I shave off a handful of carbs AND get to fit more goodness inside. Of course there’s more than one way to eat your sandwich. All you really need is a hamburger bun and you can call it good. It’s up to you! 

How to Make Your Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

For the bun, I like to get the biggest, fluffiest, and airiest white rolls I can find. The lighter they are the less macros they have, no matter the size! 

Slice your roll in half and hollow out the top. (See the recipe below about hollowing out your roll.) Spray each side with a light mist of olive oil and toast both halves of the roll face down until it’s nice and toasty. 

Next, toss a handful of slaw with your choice of dressing (I use my Jalapeno Avocado dressing) or apple cider vinegar for a quick option. You can even leave it dry if that’s what you prefer. 

Do a little prep and thinly slice your cucumbers and avocado. Next, place your cucumbers on the bottom bun. Spoon in the warm creamy buffalo chicken and then layer with the avocado, dressed slaw, and pickled onions. Enjoy!

If you’re using leftover creamy buffalo chicken, throw it on the pan to heat it up for a few minutes, so it’s nice and warm for your sandwich. 

For the pickled onions, I have a recipe for those here, or you can use raw onion. Whatever you prefer! I must say, I keep pickled onions in my fridge all the time and love to throw them on sandwiches, salads, and tons of other things. They make EVERYTHING BETTER.

Try this yummy and healthy buffalo chicken sandwich.

What You Need for Your Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 

I love this recipe because first and foremost, it’s delicious, AND it’s literally a few chops and throwing it all on a bun! Quick and easy–just how we like it. 

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Try this easy and macro friendly buffalo chicken sandwich.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

So quick to throw together. Tasted indulgent and food-truck worthy, with the macros of a light lunch salad. YES PLEASE.
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Author Lillie
Course Sandwiches
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 292 kcal



  • Slice your roll in half and hollow out the top. (See notes below). Spray with a mist of olive oil spray and toast face down in a hot pan until brown and toasty.
  • Toss a handful of slaw with dressing (or vinegar if you don’t have any, or of course you can leave dry!)
  • If you’re working with cold leftover buffalo chicken, throw your portion in the hot pan for a minute or two to heat through.
  • Add thin layer of cucumber to the bottom bun, pile with warmed buffalo chicken, avocado, dressed cabbage, and pickled onions. Top with hollow toasty top and enjoy!


Hollowing out your bun: 
Of course you could just grab a hamburger bun and call it good.  Feel free to use whatever bun you like and account for the difference in macros, or don’t! (This 42 grams of bread will cost you about 21 carbs).  But here’s what I love to do.  Find the biggest, fluffiest, airiest white rolls I can find, (the lighter they are in weight, the lighter they are in macros, regardless of size!) I slice the bottom as thin as I can, then hollow out the top as much as possible without destroying it. Ha. Then spray it and toast in a skillet. It can seem silly and insignificant, but when you count macros, you see how those little things add up. And how you can spend the same carbs on a low carb, dry sandwich thin, or you can have the experience of a big crusty white roll. I’ve found I don’t miss the inside at all, rather I love how it leaves more room for all of the fillings to stay cozy inside.  I also love how it makes me feel much more free to enjoy bread when it’s key to a meal. And leave it out when it’s not, if I’d rather enjoy more of something else.
Dressing: If you don’t have the dressing hanging out in your fridge and don’t want to whip up homemade dressing for lunch, just toss your cabbage in a little apple cider vinegar. The macros associated with that Tbsp are negligible.
Pickled onions: (If you haven’t been storing these in your fridge, start now! SO EASY. If I run out, I’ll literally throw a little more sugar and salt in my designated container, add some warm water and apple cider vinegar, throw in a thinly-sliced red onion… and continue building my lunch! Even the few minutes they sit in there will work a little magic. And then an hour later they’ll be PERFECT. And every day thereafter.
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Serving: 1gCalories: 292kcalCarbohydrates: 31.2gProtein: 24.3gFat: 8.3gFiber: 2.9g
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    I have a quick question that applies to all your recipes, so everything I read says to measure my food out raw, but do the macros you calculated for your recipes work for the cooked version? I’m new to this, thank you!