Summer is here! And that means fun, fun, fun. Nothing is better than gathering together as we soak up the Summer sun and participate in all the things. But more than anything, I just want to take part in all the noshing, like all Sumer long! WITHOUT feeling HORRIBLE. It can be done! Let’s celebrate Summer with the ultimate BBQ roundup. 

Celebrate Summer with Protein on the Grill

The highlight of every Summer BBQ is the protein thrown on the grill. No matter what event you are going to, or maybe even grilling at home, there are so many flavors you can choose from. Here’s some of my all-time favorite macro-friendly proteins that are perfect for any BBQ. 

Bacon Cheeseburger with Secret Sauce

the perfect burger to celebrate summer

Burgers are a must-have during BBQ season. This bacon cheeseburger with secret sauce is just as good as any classic burger,  plus it will help you meet your macros. 

BBQ Soy Ginger Chicken Thighs

grill up chicken for a BBQ roundup

Thighs are absolutely fool-proof! You could accidentally get lost in conversation at a backyard BBQ and not mess these BBQ soy ginger chicken thighs up. They are perfectly crispy. Oh so juicy. And, super simple to make.

Greek Marinated Chicken Skewers

grilled protein is the staple to summer fun

If you are looking for something full of flavor then try these Greek marinated chicken skewers. Whisk up your marinade and throw it on your chopped chicken in a “fancy” ziplock bag. Squish it around and let it get all garlicky and herby and lemony and greeky. Then thread your marinated chicken chunks onto soaked skewers and grill! It’s really that easy! 

Balsalmic Grilled Flank Steak

protein on the grill is a macro-friendly way to celebrate summer

It’s about time we talk about steak! We can’t have a BBQ roundup without highlighting some flank steak. This balsamic grilled flank steak is perfect to be the main event or even to use on top of salads the next day…that’s of you have any left. 

Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken

come see the ultimate summer BBQ roundup

This honey chipotle grilled chicken is easy enough for a busy weeknight, but delicious enough to prepare for a special meal. The chicken turns out so juicy and tangy. It is going to become a grilling favorite. Plus, it pairs well with so many of my favorite sides

Celebrate Summer with Sides and Salads

While we may not be grilling every side dish, a Summer celebration wouldn’t be complete without thought them. My favorite macro-friendly sides and salads pair well with so many delicious protein flavors and will make sure everyone has a full (and well-balanced) tummy.

Mexican Street Corn Salsa

macro-friendly summer sides for a BBQ

After you grill up your corn, you should try this Mexican street corn salsa. All you have to do is slice your corn off the cob and mix it with some onion, cilantro, the chipotle cream… a few seasonings and of course… COTIJA!  Finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lime. YUM. 

Trader Joe’s Lentil Dip

macro-friendly sides to take to summer BBQs

I couldn’t decide whether this is considered dip or salad. All I know is that it is delicious! Bring Trader Joe’s Lentil Dip to any gathering and people will be talking. I didn’t make this one up (just added my own macro-friendly flair), but my family likes to gobble it up. 

Macro-friendly Loaded Smashed Potatoes

macro friendly sides for a summer BBQ

These macro-friendly loaded smashed potatoes are the perfect addition to any spread and they neatly fit into your macros. I usually make these potatoes in the oven, but we are talking about BBQ today, So I say, go ahead and make them in your grill or smoker for the next gathering you have. 

Easy Watermelon Cucumber Feta Salad

freshen up your summer BBQ with macro-friendly ideas

Try this watermelon cucumber feta salad for a fresh and VIBRANT addition to your Summer BBQ! It’s so easy to throw together, but still interesting and delicious. Plus, it’s beautiful enough for entertaining.

Sautéed Summer Herb Salad

salads freshen up any BBQ roundup

This sautéed summer herb salad has all of the flavors of summer while being super quick and easy to prep. I love it on its own, but it is also the perfect Summer side dish to go along with anything you are grillin’ up. 

Sweet Summer Corn and Cucumber Salad

macro-friendly salads for a Summer celebration

If you are looking for a change from a big leafy salad, try this sweet summer corn and cucumber salad. It is perfectly easy to throw together and so delicious. Plus, I CANNOT get enough sweet summer corn… and BASIL! 

Round out your BBQ with a Sweet Finish

Every celebration has to be rounded out with our favorite treats. While my favorite desserts aren’t always macro-friendly, it’s totally fine because we’ve been making great choices with the rest of our roundup spread. 

The Best Brownies Ever

sweeten up summer with a BBQ roundup

I don’t know what could possibly be better than seeing a big plate of the best brownies at a Summer BBQ. They are NOT macro-friendly. But in my opinion, I wouldn’t trust a brownie that was macro-friendly. I say live big a indulge in these brownies! They are our favorite brownies from scratch ever.

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

wrap up a BBQ with yummy treats

There is something about eating cookies that is nourishing to my soul. These chocolate chip cookies will not disappoint. They are crisp on the edges and gooey chewy in the middle. Everyone will be talking about the cookies you bought for the BBQ.

Celebrate Summer with a BBQ Roundup

Remember that you really can participate in all the summer fun and not have to worry about what that might look like in terms of your macros. To me, food should be healthy and delicious which is why I share so much on Instagram, TikTok and have created my own cookbooks. I can’t wait to see how you are going to celebrate this summer with a BBQ roundup of your own. 

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