Summer days are packed full of so many fun activities. The days can be long. FUN. And full of adventure. That’s why it’s important to fuel your body with good food to keep you going all day long. Instead of spending time looking up recipes, I’ve put together some of my favorite quick summer meals for you. 

Quick and Easy Summer Grill Bowls

summer grill bowls

We LOVE to grill. Being in southern California, it’s a year-round thing for us. These quick and easy summer grill bowls are the perfect way to use all the leftover grilled goodies– or the reason you’ll fire up the BBQ and INTENTIONALLY grill extras of EVERYTHING. This bowl makes the perfect weeknight dinner or you can build prepped bowls for lunches all week!

Easy Watermelon Cucumber Feta Salad

watermelon and cucumber salad

This watermelon cucumber feta salad is so fresh and VIBRANT! It’s so easy to throw together, but still interesting, delicious, and beautiful enough for entertaining if you’re hosting (or headed to) a gathering. 

Spicy Turkey and Arugula Crunchwrap with Honey Mustard

crunch wrap

During the summer I love having options that I can grab and take with me on the go. Crunch wraps are PERFECT for this exact thing. This spicy turkey and arugula crunch wrap with honey mustard– we meet every day around 1:30. Like a date. Whether I’m at the beach, taking a swim break, or enjoying some quiet while my kids are off at their activities. If turkey and arugula aren’t your thing, check out my other crunch wrap recipes on the blog. I’ve even got a whole cookbook titled CRUNCHWRAPS dedicated all sorts of yummy combinations that are quick and easy to put together. 

BBQ Soy Ginger Chicken Thighs

soy ginger chicken thighs

Summer is full of being outdoors and grilling. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a grill outside, pull out your indoor grill pan to make your favorite summer flavors like these BBQ soy ginger chicken thighs.  We cook so many breasts and tenderloins over here. But these THIGHS. You guys. SO GOOD! They are absolutely fool-proof! You could accidentally get lost in a conversation or fun summer activity and not mess them up. They are perfectly crispy. Oh so juicy. And, super simple to make.

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High Protein Berry Smoothie Bowls

berry smoothie bowl

This high protein berry smoothie bowl is one of my favorite ways to start a summer day. And it is also a  great way to cool you down during snack time. This macro-friendly berry smoothie bowl is super simple to make. Add your smoothie ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth.The top it off with your favorite toppings!

Quick BBQ Pork and Pineapple Tostadas

BBQ pork tostadas

These quick BBQ Pork Tostadas are a healthy mash of Mexican, BBQ, and island fare. There perfect blend of summer flavors in my opinion. Most of the prep for this quick summer meal is in making the fresh pineapple salsa. But once that’s made, all you need to do is pile the rest of the ingredients onto your shell and enjoy! Plus, if you are feeding a crowd you can make these tosadas on a sheet pan. 

Soy Ginger Salmon and Asian Slaw

soy ginger salmon and Asian slaw

The soy-ginger salmon and Asian slaw both take less than 10 minutes to prepare separately. However, if you first toss together your Asian slaw and then allow it to sit while you cook your soy ginger salmon, the Asian slaw dressing will have time to come together and you’ll have the most delicious flavors by the time your salmon is ready. Then you can get back to your summer fun!

Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

peanut butter chocolate shake

If you’ve been here awhile you know that I end the day with my nightly chunky chocolate peanut butter protein shake whether it’s summer or not. I have fallen in love with this shake.  Done the same, every time. This is one of those, seems-too-easy to put on the blog kind of “recipes.” But all protein shakes are NOT created equal which is why it has a home on the blog. Because it’s the BEST!

Quick Summer Meals

It’s important to not only enjoy our summer fun, but also our summer food, which is why these quick summer meals are so awesome. They are quick to make, good for you, and can be enjoyed in so many different ways. If you’re looking for other easy macro-balanced recipes, check out my cookbooks and follow me on Instagram and TikTok. Those are all of the places where I share the really yummy eats as well as how to make macro-friendly eating easy. 

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