If you are anything like me, you fall in love with certain dishes when your family eats out and then have to figure out how to make them at home. I love putting my macro spin on things. Feels like I can enjoy more once I figure out the macros. Plus, we can’t always drop ten dollars (or more) just to get that fast food fix. I’ve been pulling together my favorite takes on at-home “takeout”  and I’ve come up with my top 5 macro fast food copycat recipes. 

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#1-Thai Takeout Copycat Recipe

If you have a weak spot for Thai takeout, this spaghetti squash Pad Thai just might be the healthy alternative to help curb the craving. It’s packed full of all the flavors, herbs, and spices you love. BUT, also so stuffed full of veggies and chicken, which means you can have a huge portion! That’s the important part to me. Haha.

Spaghetti squash is nothing like a pasta noodle, and yet it’s my FAVORITE sub for a pasta noodle! Ha. It really fits perfectly in this lower-carb Pad Thai. Just make sure you don’t overcook it. We don’t want squash mush for noodles!

This spaghetti squash Pad Thai is a great stand alone dish because it’s got everything you need, protein, veggies, herbs, and spices! But, if you’re wanting to whip up a little something as a side, my Asian Edamame Salad would pair nicely!

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#2-Mediterranean Grain Bowl Copycat Recipe Inspired by Cava

This Copycat Mediterranean grain bowl is one of my all-time favorite things to eat. Have you been to Cava? Their food is insanely delicious! After I tried it the first time, I could NOT STOP DREAMING ABOUT IT. I still can NOT stop dreaming about it. Which is why I had to create my own copycat recipe.

If you’ve never been, Cava is like the Chipotle of Mediterranean food. If you’re into Mediterranean flavors… and you’re into amazing. And maybe EVEN into healthy food, you’re into this Cava Mediterranean grain bowl. Trust me! SO GOOD. At Cava, you go through the line and pick whether you want a bowl atop grains or greens, or both. Or you pile it all inside of pitas. So it makes sense to have a copycat version ready to assemble at home too!

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#3-Dairy-free Cava Bowl Copycat Recipe

We’ve chatted on Instagram about how I’ve had to pause on gluten and dairy while I figure out some gut stuff. LUCKILY- I’ve come up with this easy dairy-free Cava bowl. Inspired by Cava of course, where Ross and I have our weekly lunch dates. 

So many foods go down a notch when you cut the gluten and dairy, but this is still LEVEL 10 delicious and satisfying. That’s why it’s on repeat over here. With the help of some store-bought vegan tzatziki, it’s still creamy and amazing, and I don’t even miss the feta. But feel free to add some to yours!

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#4-Poke Bowl Copycat Recipe 

I love a good poke bowl! Like the real ones that actually have poke. Ha. But this easy spiced pork “poke” bowl gave me all the good flavors and texture and magic of a good poke bowl, but using up our favorite left-over brown sugar spiced pork tenderloin! And this way my kids could enjoy it with me. I mean, if I saved some for them. 

It looks like there are a lot of bits and pieces with this copycat recipe, but prepping it is really quick and simple. Especially if you’ve already got your pork done! To me, the easier the better, because, well… LIFE. Plus, you can totally prepare more veggies than needed, to have some left over to build bowls all week. Check out my Banh Mi Veggie Bowl that uses a lot of the same ingredients. 

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#5-Acai Bowl Copycat Recipe Inspired by Everbowl

We’re OBSESSED with Everbowl… and especially Northside Shack down in Pt Loma. They make the most beautiful acai bowls I’ve seen! SO much colorful fruit on top– it’s a work of art. My high protein berry smoothie bowl isn’t quite as beautiful as the one I love from Everbowl, but so delicious.

If you’re not familiar, acai bowls are made of a base of thick, blended frozen acai berries, along with some other fruit or juice— then generally topped with fresh fruit, granola, and more. The truth is, I don’t typically indulge in smoothie bowls when my family is making them because I don’t love to spend so many carbs on one meal! With so much fruit, an acai bowl will easily cost you a hundred carbs. And I prefer how I feel when my meals are balanced with protein.

SO– I finally made a macro-friendly version. It’s not technically acai, but it could be if you wanna throw in some frozen acai berry packets! I just used some frozen mixed berries. EASY. I’ll admit, I was super skeptical this high-protein berry smoothie bowl could end up decent on macros, and still feel like a big, satisfying portion. But it DID! Which is why it has its own post on the blog. Check it out HERE!

Top 5 Macro Fast Food Copycat Recipes

You might have trouble picking which recipe from my top 5 macro fast food copycat recipes to make first because they are ALL SO GOOD! My suggestion is to start at the top of the list and work your way down. 5 recipes for 5 weekdays. If you’re loving these recipes and are looking for more macro-friendly meal ideas, check out my cookbooks. They are full of healthy and delicious recipes. I also love sharing recipes on Instagram and TikTok (OK, that’s a lie…I hate sharing recipes on TikTok, but we’re trying it. haha.) Make sure you’re hanging out with me so we can enjoy our delicious meals together!

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