Kids are back to school. Extra-curricular activities are in full swing. And I’m relying heavily on quick and easy meals for busy weeknights. Even though life feels super busy as we are adjusting to our new schedule, I still want to have healthy meals for my family!  

healthy ways to feed your family

Pickle Chicken Salad

Before you write it off because pickles aren’t your thing– just TRY this pickle chicken salad. It’s one of my all-time favorite recipes and a reader favorite! In fact, at my house, I’ve been politely asked to never let it run out! I won’t lie and tell you my boy eat it, but thank goodness they don’t, because Ross, the girls and I FLY through a double batch.  

If your week is crazy, make a big batch and keep it in the fridge to pull out whenever you need a quick, high protein snack. I love this salad on its own, eaten with chips, in a sandwich…the possibilities are endless. It’s a great option for those weeknights where dinner might have to happen on your lap in the car!

weekly meal prep

Apple Cider Dijon Grilled Chicken

Speaking of prepping ahead of time, I love making a huge batch of apple cider dijon grilled chicken at the beginning of the week. The recipe is super simple, healthy, and delicious. If you’re in this macro-game… or even just trying to eat healthier, one thing you can ALWAYS use is more lean protein hanging around.

I use this marinated chicken in everything and anything! It’s the perfect addition to recipes like this yummy panini, salads like my favorite thai, watermelon, Waldorf, BLT salad flatbreads, pizzas, crunch wraps.

fuel your family with healthy meals

Summer Grill Bowls

Any chance you’re grilling this weekend? Make extras! Use them for these summer grill bowls … it’ll be your favorite night.

This macro-friendly recipe for summer grill bowls is meant to be built with leftover grilled chicken and veggies for ease. Of course if you don’t have leftovers, all you have to do is fire up your grill. This bowl really is the perfect weeknight dinner, but you can totally build prepped bowls for lunches all week!

keep dinners quick and healthy

Chicken Philly Sandwiches

When you’re hungry, you don’t want to spend all your time making food. And when your kids are hungry, you definitely want to get food into those bellies as quickly as possible. My macro-friendly quick chicken philly sandwiches are delicious, but also SO quick and easy.

Check out the recipe for the details (and shortcuts I suggest for making this meal even faster).

macro-friendly dinner ideas

Air Fried Fish Tacos

These easy air fried fish tacos are going to become a weekly thing. Quick enough even for lunch! They’re so good, so fresh, so light, and so easy!

These fish tacos have all the toppings to make them restaurant-worthy, but whipping up a batch is as easy as popping the bell peppers and fish in the air fryer! And,  if you are needing to eat and run, you can even make everything ahead of time. Just stock your fridge with these tasty bits and pieces, while keeping your macros in check.

healthy meals for busy nights

Instant-Pot Healthy Bahn Mi Sandwiches

While a healthy bahn mi sandwich may sound intimidating if it’s not your staple flavor profile, it’s so DOABLE and SO GOOD and will add just the right amount of variety to your dinners. I took every shortcut possible, to make this recipe work for our weeknight routines. So while this may not win a prize for perfectly perfect authenticity, it will win over your taste buds.  


The recipes I shared above are some of my absolute favorites, but you might know, my newest cookbook: PLANNED was created to make macro-counting deliciously easy. It’s full of exclusive recipes, but there’s also a six-week meal plan WITH grocery lists!! It’s the ultimate tool to help you plan your busy nights and still hit your macros.

Quick and Easy Meals for Busy Weeknights

You really can do all the things and have yummy healthy food when it’s time to eat! Having quick and easy meals for busy weeknights is crucial to keep us sane! So is take-out now and then… so let’s give ourselves grace haha. But when you need some recipes, I’m here! I’m always sharing over on Instagram, and TikTok, and of course, you can find my cookbooks here!

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