It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about gifts. Whether you are looking to drop hints for yourself or looking to find gifts for special people in your life that love to be in the kitchen, I’m sharing all of my personal favorites that you can find in my kitchen. Check out this gift guide for the everyday cook. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for the cook in your life. 

gift guide for cook

1. Cutting Board

I’m obsessed with this Rectangular End Grain Cutting Board from Crate&Barrel. I keep ours out at all times next to the sink for daily chopping. Not only is it useful, but she’s a beauty too! Having a big cutting board is a kitchen essential for every cook which is why it is a kitchen tool that everyone will love receiving as a gift.

2. Giant Salad Bowl

The Carson Acadia Serving Bowl from Crate &Barrel is the perfect gift for any cook that likes cooking for a crowd. It’s both gorgeous and functional. And always my first choice to pull out if we have guests coming over. I love to use it for serving up big salads. The varying color and grain of the wood beautifully make this large serving bowl a show stopper and the perfect pair to any dish. 

3. Favorite Basic Salad tongs

I have plenty of long, beautiful salad tongs, but I ALWAYS go for these Bamboo Wood Salad Hands. I think there is something about the short “hands” that really make it so much easier to toss and serve a salad. If you have a salad lover on your gift list this year, you should definitely grab these! You could even make a fun “basket” with the Carson Acadia Serving Bowl, a set of Bamboo Wood Salad Hands, and a cookbook. I know some really good cookbooks if you need any ideas….wink. 

4. Geometry Towels 

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while you know I LOVE my Geometry towels. They are my favorite kitchen towels by a landslide. I stock my kitchen with their tea towels and their beach towels are the best. Use code LILLIE15 for 15% off because they make the perfect gift. Gift your cook a set of towels, or roll one up to stick in their stocking. 

5. Nakano Knives 

Every cook needs a good set of knives. If your cook doesn’t have a set of Nakano Knives, that is what you need to gift them this year! These knives are EVERYTHING! I love the handmade Gyuto, the Chef’s knife… and the Mito set. Plus, you cannot forget the pull-thru sharpener is a must! (it would make a great stocking stuffer too.)  Use my code “LILLIE” for 20% off your purchase. 

6. Caraway Pans 

These Caraway Pans are my go-to non-toxic pots and pans for pastas, soups, and saucy skillets.  I love the size and depth of the big skillet… and the bakeware is so slick and amazing. They are meant to be taken care of at low temperatures, so I don’t actually use them for things like fried eggs or things I want to cook at really high temperatures. Whether your cook is in need of a single pan or a whole new set Caraway Pans are the way to go!

7. Giant Amazon Cast Iron Skillet

Give your cook the ultimate gift by giving them a MASSIVE Cast Iron Skillet. This skillet is the best for high-heat, single-layer cooking like fajitas, Philly cheesesteaks, burgers, “grilled” chicken… etc. I love that I can cook super hot and fit a ton on there without doing multiple batches and without overcrowding. Plus, you don’t stress about washing! I just go ahead and use a little bit of soap, scrub it good, dry it well and wipe down with a little bit of olive oil spray! Easy peasy. The hardest thing about it is lifting it in and out of your cupboard because it’s so huge and heavy, but your cook can figure that out. Once they get it out of the wrapping!

8. Lasagna Pan 

If you are looking to gift something that is sleek and affordable, check out this Lasagna Pan from Crate& Barrel. It’s my go-to pan for a double batch of brownie oats! I can’t live without it and your cook shouldn’t have to live without it either. Since this extra large Lasagna Pan is so affordable, you have some extra wiggle room to add in a few Geometry towels, an olive oil set, or a cookbook and tie it all together with a bow. 

9. Maldon Flake Salt

Every cook should have flake salt in a little bowl ready to grab in a pinch, which is why you need to be gifting Maldon Flake Salt this year. . I sprinkle it on my shake, on my cookies, on my brownie oats, on my cream of rice cereal, on my oats… pretty much use it to finish off every treat ever. You could gift Maldon Flake Salt as a stocking stuffer or pair it with a cute salt dish/cellar like this one

10. Air Fryer

What did we ever do before air fryers?? If your cook doesn’t have an air fryer, you need to fix that situation! It took a while for me to jump on the air fryer bandwagon but once I did, there’s no way I could ever go back. We absolutely use it every day even if it’s just to reheat pizza for the boys or leftover french fries. But also to quickly roast some veggies or a fillet of salmon or some chicken tenderloins while I chop my fixings for lunch. It makes things so fast and easy! And yes technically you can use your oven for most things but I would’ve never turned on my oven to bake salmon for lunch salad! I’m telling you, it’s a must. Do your cook (and yourself) a favor and just add this air fryer to your cart right now.

11. Food Processor 

For most things, I can get by using my blender, but sometimes you just need a food processor. When I want something ”riced” rather than pulverized… I love this 8-cup Food Processor by Cuisinart. They are so versatile and can make things from sauces to pizza dough, chopping vegetables to grating cheese. What cook doesn’t want a kitchen tool that can do it all? 

12. Brightland Olive Oil Set  

Another beautiful gift idea for a cook is the Brightland Olive Oil Set. It’s a really delicious high-quality olive oil! Great to cook with but especially worth it in my opinion when I’m drizzling raw on a salad or avocado toast or something where I really wanna taste it.  Get 10% off your order with code LILLIE10. 

13. Giant Pottery Barn Bowl 

The Orion Handcrafted Terracotta Bowl is such a great buy and a perfect gift. It’s massive and such a statement. I have mine sitting in the middle of my huge kitchen island. It can just be decorative and empty or you can fill it with fruit like we do! Your cook is going to love it! And while you are at it, grab one for yourself too. You can thank me later. 

14. Anthropologie Bowls

I always get questions about my Levi Anthropologie Bowls when I use them in reels. They are the cutest shallow bowls, perfect for pasta or skillet meals or whatever! Let your cook highlight their amazing meals by dishing them up in these bowls. 

Gift Guide for the Everyday Cook

Usually, you know me for sharing macro-friendly recipes, but I had to get this gift guide for the everyday cook to you. Now the cook in your life is going to have the best gift they’ve ever received and you don’t even have to tell them where you got the idea. If you want your gift to be even more impressive, add in one of my cookbooks. Then your cook will have some recipes to use with their new kitchen gear! Make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always sharing what I am up to, whether that is new recipes or awesome stuff to use in your kitchen. 

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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