Pinch me. I’m dreaming. I’ve worked for months to bring this family-friendly and macro-focused monthly meal plan subscription to you, and it’s finally here!  And I’m so excited to be able to finally tell you all about it…

Because we all know that feeding a family and macro-counting at the same time can feel like a lot. I’m hoping this meal plan will help meal planning and macro-counting easier for you. 

Macro-focused Monthly Meal Plan Subscription

Meet the NEW Monthly Meal Plan 

Okay, here’s how it works…

You will use the web-based app via computer or phone (see how to do this under my meal plan stories on Instagram)  to receive a customized dinner meal plan for your whole family that’s designed to maximize your dollar and make feeding your family while macro-counting easier. 

The plan will be based on how I meal prep and plan for my own family. Typically, we make a bulk protein to use in 2-3 meals a week, and then fill in the gaps with easy, one-dish, or quick meals (you can learn more about that here). 

If the meal plan uses a dinner or protein that you don’t like, the app makes it easy to swap out the protein and/or recipe and replace it with one of the other 200 recipes I have uploaded to the database. All the recipes are either new, from my cookbooks, or from my blog (and there will be more to come). 

You can also set how many servings of each meal you need in the app settings to make it the perfect amount for your family every time. 

After you have confirmed your meal plan for the week, you can print out everything you’ll need to make it happen (meal plan, recipes, grocery list, etc.). Then, if you order groceries online (I usually do mine at Walmart), you can auto-generate the grocery list (cross off what you already have) and send it to select grocery stores near you! So easy.

Grocery List for Macro-focused Monthly Meal Plan Subscription

Common FAQ’s 

After announcing this monthly meal plan on Instagram, there were a few common questions that people had. I thought I would answer a few of those here–just in case you were wondering the same. 

How Much Does the Monthly Meal Plan Cost? 

At the launch, the meal plan will cost $12 a month. If you buy 3 months at a time, you can get it for $30 ($10 a month). 

What meals come with the meal plan? 

Right now it is a dinner-only meal plan! I feel like that’s the hardest puzzle piece in the day to be prepared and keep your family happy while also hitting your goals.  

But in the future, there might be an option to include breakfast and or lunch. It would, of course, be a simple upgrade, if you’re already a meal plan subscriber. 

You can easily remove dinners if you don’t need all five that week and it will reflect in your grocery list. You can also remove a dinner or protein and add a different recipe of your choosing.  

For now, you can also tell the web-based app to make an extra serving in your settings, so that you can enjoy the leftovers for lunch (if you want to). 

Dinners for the meal plan

How many calories are in each dinner? 

Dinners are usually close to 400 cal and 40 g of protein, and with the help of that bulk-prepped protein each week, you’ll find it very easy to add more protein to fill in any gaps in your day! This is key to really hitting those numbers. 

These are dinners that will definitely help you hit your protein, while keeping carbs and fats low. There might be a suggested carb source on the side for those who want a nice round meal, or for your family, but often in a way that’s easy for you to remove if you want to keep your dinner more low-carb.

Does it track macros? 

It will give you precise measurements and macros per serving. So it’s really easy to track. However, you do still have to plug it in one of your trackers of choice–My Fitness Pal, Lose It, or Macros First. 

Like all of my cookbooks and recipes, this is already pre-logged for you. All you have to do is search it and weigh it! 

Is this Macro-focused Monthly Meal Plan Subscription Gluten-free and Dairy-Free? 

Not officially. But since I’ve done my fair share of eating gluten and dairy-free, you’ll often see notes offering easy swaps if needed. 

Macro-focused Monthly Meal Plan Subscription

Okay, what I’d miss? I hope this meal plan is as exciting to you as it is to me! This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for years and actually had a lot of requests for it too. 

With this new meal plan subscription, whether you’re feeding yourself or a family of 10, you can adjust the servings you want to make just the right amount of food and buy just the right amount of groceries and everything will be calculated for you! 

It’ll take the brain work out of meal-planning dinners and macro-counting for your entire family. Making it easier to meet your goals with less stress and feed your family healthy, balanced meals without the headache. 

Start your subscription here! 

And if you have more questions that I didn’t cover, head over to Instagram and check out my ‘Meal Plan” highlight reel!

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  1. Hi! So I just finished cooking the second week with the meal prep app and I LOVE it so much!! I’ve been killing my macros, loving the flavors and my husband is very impressed with the meals I’ve been making. Leftovers for lunch or I pick/add one recipe to use for lunch prep. Saves me time having the shopping list too and so easy to add another recipe for the week. I have most of your cookbooks, but you making the plan for the week has been amazing. Thanks so much!