It is that time of the year when we get to celebrate the men in our lives. And what better way to celebrate them than with food! If you are looking for ways to treat a man in your life for Father’s Day, I have got you covered.

Main Event of the Ultimate Spread – Treat Your Man for Father’s Day

If I am thinking of the ultimate spread for Father’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is PROTEIN! Maybe that’s just Ross? But I don’t think so. This can be anything from steak, pork loin, chicken….pretty much anything you can throw on the grill. And if I’m being honest, he might be the one to actually throw it on the grill. But that’s neither here nor there. 

As long as you’ve got some tasty, filling protein, side dishes and salads are easy to throw in for those who want them (MEEEEE.)

steak is the ultimate protein for father's day

Best Marinated Flank Steak

Flank steak is such a great protein option. It’s steak which is ALWAYS going to make Ross happy, but it’s a leaner cut which I appreciate. It’s also such an easy (and more affordable) one to grill up for the whole family, rather than several individual filets. This recipe for my best marinated flank steak is heavenly as is, but it can also be sliced up for sandwiches, salads, or tacos. So the leftovers won’t go to waste! I’ve got a few recipes for flank steak. But this might be Ross’s favorite.

grill something up for father's day

Brown Sugar Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri

We LOVE pork tenderloin over here.  We often use it for some shredded meat in the instant pot for barbecue pulled pork, my favorite carnitas, or shredded Greek pork!  BUT, for Sunday dinners, or an occasion like Father’s Day, we love it grilled and sliced with sides. I think it’s one of the most underrated meats to grill up for a crowd. SO easy, so affordable, and so so tender and delicious! Just don’t mistake it for Pork LOIN. Not the same.

For this brown sugar spiced pork tenderloin, whip up a quick rub/marinade, coat the tenderloins, and let them marinate for a few. Then, throw them on the grill for 15 minutes — which is just long enough to make your quick light chimichurri, throw together a great salad, and slice some French or crusty bread to grill right when the pork’s done. 

feature protein for father's day

BBQ Soy Ginger Chicken Thighs

And THESE. These BBQ soy ginger chicken thighs are so juicy and hard to mess up. Even if you end up getting distracted making all the other goodies to treat your guys, no one will ever know. They always turn out SO GOOD, and go with everything!

add burgers to your father's day spread

Bacon Cheeseburger with Secret Sauce

I meeeaaaan… burgers. No one ever feels unappreciated eating a burger. Hard to beat it. My almost classic bacon cheeseburger is lighted up of course, but still SO delicious. Ross who orders burgers at ALL THE RESTAURANTS still absolutely loves these made at home with a leaner option. But feel free to sub in some fattier beef!

Supporting Sides for the Ultimate Spread

The sides! For as much as I love protein, my plate (let’s be honest– bowl) is usually full of delicious sides and salads, topped with some meat. I know, Father’s day is not about me. But supporting side dishes makes an ultimate spread full, and can freshen up even the manliest protein. Haha.

loaded smashed potatoes for your ultimate spread

Macro-friendly Loaded Smashed Potatoes

These macro-friendly loaded smashed potatoes are the perfect addition to your ultimate Father’s Day spread. They’re quite literally loaded up with garlic, chives, onions, and more — all neatly fit within your macros. They don’t look light, but you’ll be surprised. Don’t skip the garlicky chive yogurt!

roasted carrots for father's day

Maple Cumin Roasted Carrots 

For those who don’t love salads, but want veggies, maple cumin roasted carrots are the easiest macro-friendly side dish to whip up. Plus, they complement any favorite protein recipe. They are a little smokey, a little sweet– SO GOOD.

corn salsa as a side for father's day

Fresh and Easy Corn Salsa

When summer starts, I want to add corn to EVERYTHING! This fresh corn salsa is so easy to make and makes you feel all summery! Usually, I put it on tacos, salads, nachos, or rice bowls, but it could totally be its own salad… there are no rules.

side dishes for your father's day meal

Smashed Potatoes with Creamy Chimichurri

Since it’s Father’s Day, I feel like two different smashed potato options is acceptable. Meat and potatoes will always make sense. This recipe for smashed potatoes with creamy chimichurri needs is a total FAVORITE over here. Nothing they don’t go with. But especially if you decide to serve flank steak or pork tenderloin. I mean, yum. 

Finish Strong with – Dessert

In my opinion, every good meal has to be finished off with a little something sweet. Father’s Day should be no exception.

dont forget dessert for father's day

My Favorite Giant Cinnamon Rolls

Are cinnamon rolls only a breakfast food? Since I hate waking up early to get them going, they’re usually more of an afternoon treat or dessert in my home. While my favorite giant cinnamon rolls are definitely not “macro-friendly”, they are VERY Father’s Day friendly. These are one of Ross’s absolute FAVORITES. (Second maybe only to Brooke’s coconut cake!) And it’s not just because they’re huge.

But let me just say, they are huge. And I don’t want them any other way.

make chocolate chip cookies for your man

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

My favorite chocolate chip cookies are ALWAYS a good choice. There’s a reason I only have one chocolate chip cookie recipe on my blog. I’ll never need another. You could have them warm and gooey from the oven or cook them up into a deep dish cookie situation with some ice cream. You can’t go wrong.

macro-friendly brownie sundae for your man

Skinny Double Chocolate Oatmeal “Brownie” Sundae

I’m not huge on trying to make real desserts “macro-friendly.” But if you wanted a lighter option, the skinny double chocolate oatmeal “brownie” sundae is a yummy macro-friendly treat that hits the spot. It does start with a FlapJack Mighty Muffin though… just gonna warn you now!

Treat the Man in your life for a Healthy Father’s Day – The Ultimate Spread

There are just too many good things to choose from when creating the best “Man Meal” ever. So I say, treat your man for Father’s Day and give them “all the things” for the ultimate spread! The recipes I  shared are (almost all) macro-friendly,  which means you can eat and enjoy them and still feel great. That’s my passion…making yummy food that also helps you hit your macros. If you ever need ideas for weeknight meals, check out my macro-friendly cookbooks. I even have a meal plan cookbook to make things even easier! Find me on Instagram and TikTok ! (barely on TikTok so don’t judge too harshly haha.)

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