Crunch Wraps are EVERYTHING. When it comes to a quick, satisfying, and light lunch it can’t be beat. It definitely has been a favorite around here for a long time, and it’s still a great go-to for an easy, macro-friendly meal. Whether you want to build your macro-friendly crunch wraps from recipes in my crunch wrap cookbook or blog or use all the bits and pieces from your weekly meal prep (see what I mean here)–you’re sure to have a yummy, filling meal! 

Macro-friendly Crunch Wraps 

What Wrap I Use for Crunch Wraps 

When it comes to making the perfect crunch wrap, you cannot convince me that there’s a better wrap than the Cut Da Carb. They’re AMAZINGLY light, at 14 carbs and 80 calories, crisp up so beautifully in a hot pan, and can hold SO much–an essential. The ingredient list is short and simple and the flavor is so good! 

Plus, I seriously use these wraps for everything from nachos to wraps to garden veggie quiches.  For me, they’re always worth it. 

Macro-friendly Crunch Wraps Cut Da Carb

You can buy the Cut Da Carb wraps online here, and if you get a 24-pack, you can use code LILLIE10 to save you a little off the top.  

GF Options for Macro-friendly Crunch Wraps 

When I first fell in love with Crunch Wraps, I was eating gluten and dairy. So, unfortunately, these Cut Da Carb wraps do have gluten. When I went gluten-free, I tested out many wraps to find a replacement because I was absolutely craving my favorite crunch wrap. 

Macro-friendly Crunch Wraps Gluten-Free Option

Here’s what I learned…

My favorite gluten-free wrap was the large @eatsanafoods or @sietefoods tortillas. Since they’re round and not as large as the rectangular CDC, I learned to be creative and use something to seal up that hole in the middle. Either a Trader Joe’s Jicama wrap or even just a large slice of deli meat. Just something to act as a patch and contain the fillings. 

It’s still a little tricky to get the edges to stay shut, and the carbs/calories will never be as low as the super thin @cutdacarb wraps. But it made me feel less broken-hearted…and was still delicious! 

But if you want another quick and easy lunch that’s gluten-free, you can’t go wrong with these cheese-fried egg wraps. So good. 

Tips to Making the Perfect Macro-friendly Crunchwrap 

When it comes to making the perfect macro-friendly crunch wrap, it’s essential that you get a good crisp on the outside. My secret weapon? Olive oil spray, a hot pan, and parmesan cheese. After getting a good seal on the seam in the frying pan, spray the top of the crunch wrap with olive oil spray, sprinkle it with salt, then spray the pan and add some parmesan cheese. Flip the top of the crunch wrap right into the cheese for the perfect crispy, cheesy top. It’s really simple and doesn’t add much to the calories, but it makes such a difference. 

Macro-Friendly Crunchwrap

Also, the perfect crunch wrap starts with a good fold. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I’ve mastered the fold to make the most of your extra big cut da carb wrap. It’s a five-point fold, but it’s really not that hard. Start by folding up the right bottom corner, then the left bottom corner. Then fold in the two sides, and finish up by folding in the top two corners one at a time. 

You can watch me do the famous crunch wrap fold here

And finally, don’t forget to use good heat-resistant greens like arugula or make a little room in the wrap to stuff it in afterward. With greens like arugula, you can just stack them on top of everything and fold them into the wrap since the heat won’t affect it as much. For other lettuces like iceberg or romaine, you may want to stuff that in after making the wrap. 

Just leave a little room in the wrap and stuff it in when it’s all done cooking. Perfection. 

Of course, your crunch wrap is as good as what you put in it. 

My Favorite Macro-friendly Crunch Wrap Recipes

One of my all-time favorite crunch wrap recipes is this Spicy Turkey and Arugula Crunch Wrap with Honey Mustard. The honey mustard and homemade chipotle cream really make it. 

Another one that’s really good is this Blistered Tomato Basil Chicken Crunch Wrap. It’s made with rotisserie chicken and is super easy to make. 

Both of these recipes are available on the blog along with other crunch wrap recipes. Not to mention, there are a million variations scattered throughout my Instagram page since I eat them so frequently. And of course, there’s always my crunch wrap cookbook filled with 27 different recipes. 

The best crunch wraps always have a yummy protein, stuffed with fresh veggies, and a macro-friendly homemade sauce. Staples I always keep in my fridge. For macro-friendly crunch wrap recipes or ideas, you can follow along on Instagram where I’m always showing what I’m eating.

And if you join my email list, you’ll never miss a recipe. 

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  1. I love all your recipes, and I’d like to try the crunch wrap. I’d like to pack it and bring with me to work. Do you think it would hold up well, or get soggy?

    1. So I’ve definitely packed for hikes and other things, and I still love them as something different than say, a salad. But it’s definitely not going to stay crispy. And I’d be really careful not to add tomatoes or anything juicy…