Gift guides are having their moment so I’m here sharing my absolute favorites for the women in your life. I like calling it the gift guide for her. This collection of things that are not only my absolute favorites, they’re also going to become your favorites too!

gifts for her

1 Amazon Furry Sandals 

I was seeing fuzzy sandals everywhere, so I had to try them out for myself. You guys, I am hooked!  My favorites are the furry Birkenstock knockoffs that you can find on Amazon. They will make the perfect gift for any of the girls in your life… teens, aunts, friends, etc.

2 Self Tanning Face Drops

Almost every night I use a couple of drops of self tanning face drops with my serum to keep a little color on my face! Love. Face drops would be a great gift to add into a stocking and or a surprise for one of your girlfriends. 

3 Davine’s Hair Milk

Davine’s All in One Hair Milk is an amazing product that does so many things. I think it’s the BEST to spray in your washed hair right before brushing. It helps your hair feel so smooth and it smells AMAZING. If you have a hair girl on your list this year, you need to gift her Davine’s Hair Milk

4 Best Amazon Shorts

Over all other name brands… these Amazon shorts are my fave! I love them and I know the girls in your life will too!

5 Nena Bags

I’m obsessed with Nena bags. Seriously, they are such beautiful bags! Each one is made with artisan and vintage fabrics which I adore. There are so many styles and each are one of a kind. Not only would a Nena bag be a gorgeous gift, it would also show your loved one that she is one of kind. Just like her new bag. Make sure you use code Lillie to save 15%.

6 The Wet Bag

The Wet Bag from Nena’s Artisan collection is a great gift option for under $100. It’s great for toiletries, wet clothes, or snacks. I actually attached a strap to mine and wear it like a crossbody fanny! Yep, you heard it. I’ve joined the crossbody fanny crew. Surprise her with a new bag that is made from the best artisan fabric this holiday season. 

7 Favorite Target Tank

If the girl on your list doesn’t have one of these tanks from Target you NEED to fix that! It’s everyone’s FAVORITE TANK for like ten dollars. I think I have 6 or 7. All I know is that these tanks are the best! They would make a great gift for your daughters to give to their friends. Or, rolled up and stashed in a stocking. 

8 Toiletry Bag

I’ve been wondering what I ever did before this hanging toiletry bag. It’s the best! If you know a girl that loves to travel, gift her this toiletry bag. You could even fill it with some fun skincare products she hasn’t tried before like St. Tropez self tanner, face drops, Babelash, lipstick, and/or an amazing hair brush

9 Saint Tropez 

I have been using St. Tropez self tanner for years. It’s my favorite self tanner out there. I use it a couple of times a week right after a shower. To create a well rounded gift you could pair it with a good washable mitt! That always helps me apply the product evenly. 

10 Hokas

Hokas are the BEST running shoes ever! I thought the Adidas Ultra Boost was my favorite, but now that I’ve tried these I can’t go back! I’m not a runner, but I use them for everything else! My super runner daughter, Sophia, and her whole team train in these. They are a great gift for the active girl on your list. 

11 LuluLemon Half Zip

Who doesn’t love this half zip from Lululemon? It’s the perfect oversized hoodie with a Scuba silhouette. And it’s super comfy! I get asked about this Lulu half zip all the time, which means not only do I love it, but a bunch of other ladies do too. 

12 Saranoni Blanket/Robe

Saranoni has the perfect gifts for anyone you don’t have an idea for it. Everyone can always use a fresh new beautiful soft blanket or robe! Saranoni are the softest! While you are adding them to your cart, make sure you get one for yourself! You’ve got to be comfy while you are wrapping everyone else’s gifts.

13 Walker Goods Beach Bag with Geometry Beach Towel 

I think pairing the Walker Goods Beach Bag with a Geometry beach towel would make such a great themed combo gift. Love both of these companies and their products! Use code LILLIE15 at both Walker Goods and Geometry to get a discount. 

14 Best Hairbrush

My hairstylist used this Shiela Stotts Wood Brush on me and now it’s the only brush I will use! My girls too! It’s so smooth and great for keeping your hair untangled. Plus, the wood details are so pretty. Anyone on your list would love getting this as a gift. 

15 Vuori Joggers  

I’m going on five years or so of never finding a better pair of joggers than these Vuori joggers. IYKYK. They are on the higher price range for joggers, but they are totally worth it.

16 Favorite Socks

The only no-show socks I will buy because they never ever slip down off of my heel! They would be a fun stocking stuffer or a gift bundle with some lotion and polish. Or add them to box with the Hokas you are gifting. 

17 Lipstick

Winky Lux Glitter Balm is a fun gift idea. It’s a mix between lipstick and lip balm that changes color based on the pH levels in the skin. There’s a little bit of sparkle, but has a subtle pink color.

18 Face Cream

Every girl has got to have a good face cream. My mom loves the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream from Elemis. And I’m loving the Poly Peptide Cream by Drunken Element. Both face creams are great for keeping your skin hydrated and feeling good.

19 Babelash

Babelash has the eyelash serum and conditioner totally work! I can’t give you proof with my own eyes because I’m never consistent enough and always gluing on lashes, but I’ve seen too many friends’ results and it definitely works! Babelash makes a great gift and/or stoking stuffer. Use my code “LILLIE20” for an extra discount

20 Lulu Backpack

So… I don’t have this Lululemon backpack, but keep eying it. Straight from my wishlist to yours, I think this backpack would make a great gift! I’ve been dropping hints, but I think someone needs to make sure my family sees this post. 

21 Silk Pillowcase

My girls and I love using this silk pillowcase to protect our hair at night! It’s a must. Gift this silk pillowcase to your loved ones and their sleep will be changed forever. 

22 Lighted Makeup Mirror 

I think my 15-year-old daughter would love this light up mirror I found on Amazon! It has cute Hollywood vanity vibes while also having sleek modern lines. You can control the brightness and colors of the lights, magnify up to 10x, plus the mirror can rotate 360°. 

23 Color Science Makeup 

I recently found this Color Science makeup and I’m obsessed. I’ve never used foundation or anything like it. It just feels like I’m putting on lotion, takes care of my sunscreen, and leaves me looking so much more finished!

24 Favorite Curling Iron 

This titanium curling iron is for the girl who loves big loose bends or waves in their hair. It’s my absolute favorite. Curling my hair always turns out perfect when I use this curling iron from BaByliss.

25 Slippers

Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of soft squishy slippers? These slippers are some of my favorites from Amazon! Everybody can use a pair! But, if you are wanting to splurge on somebody special, I also love my Rothy’s slippers. They are an amazing high-quality slipper!

26 Baker and Olive

I wouldn’t be true to my food-loving self if I didn’t mention something about food in this women’s gift guide. I should have mentioned Baker and Olive in the gift guide for the cook and the gift guide for the macro-counter, but they really fit into every category!!! These fruit infused light balsamic vinegars are tossed into pretty much 100% of my salads!  They have no added sugar which seems like black magic because they’re so sweet and delicious and only three carbs per tablespoon like a basic balsamic. They’re so good on their own, and then there’s plenty of room if you decide to add olive oil, cheese, nuts etc! Lemon and Peach are my absolute favorite, but you really can’t go wrong.  Such a great gift. Use my code LILLIEEATS for 15% off. 

Gift Guide for Her

You know I’m usually sharing macro-friendly recipes, but I had to take the chance to share all of my favorite things in a gift guide for her format. Now your girls are going to have the best gifts they’ve ever received and you don’t even have to tell them where you got the idea. For other awesome ideas make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always sharing what I am up to, whether that is new recipes,  cool things to use in your kitchen, or awesome stuff you just need to have in your life. 

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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  1. Thank you, i love this list!! The link to the self tanning face drops isn’t working; can you please tell me the name of the product you use so I can search it? Thanks so much & merry christmas!!