Since we are doing gift guides over here, we can’t forget something for the guys we love the most. This list is full of different ideas for those who love to grill, those who love to work out, and those who want to have something good to wear. So here’s what I like to call, the gift guide for him.

men's gift guide


This NOMATIC Travel Pack has been Ross’s favorite bag for years. Which makes me really happy because it’s one of his favorite gifts I’ve ever given him. The NOMATIC Travel Pack was designed for everyday use and for those shorter 1-3 day trips. The design allows you to go from backpack to briefcase carry for those times when you need to look more professional.

2 Therma pen

 The Therma pen is a must for the grillers out there! I love that it is waterproof. So easy to clean! And, it’s an instant read thermometer so you get really accurate reads quickly. The Therma pen is the perfect size to slide into a stocking or add to a grilling bundle gift with a brisket knife, hot meat gloves, and an apron. 

3 A Traeger!

If you are looking for a big gift to give you should look into a Traeger grill — we couldn’t live without ours. I love that we can make pretty much any meal in the Traeger because it can act like a grill, smoker, or even over. And I love that Ross can be in charge of so many dinners now. Haha. This is a big ticket item, but you won’t regret it!

4 Brisket Knife

Since we are talking about grills and all the cool accessories, I’ve got to tell you about this brisket knife. It’s so affordable and great for large smoked meats etc. What makes it so special is that it has a fluted edge blade. The hollowed out grooves are designed to prevent food from sticking to the blade so your cuts are perfect every time. Your food is going to be delicious and pretty. Two of my favorite things. Trust me, your grill lovin’ guy will love opening a brisket knife as a gift.

5 Hot Meat Gloves

There is a fancier name for these grill accessories (Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves) but we like calling them hot meat gloves. They are a must for Ross when he’s handling meat on the Traeger! The gloves are made of silicone so they can handle extreme heat. Plus, the silicone gloves are also great for pulling things (like my baked oats) out of the oven too. Everyone in your family will love them, especially your man. 

6 Stanley Flip Straw

Stanleys are everywhere right now. And while I love my massive Stanley with a straw, Ross doesn’t need all of that. He loves his Stanley Flip Straw. It’s his daily favorite. Also great for kids. And it’s my favorite for travel! The Stanley Flip Straw is the perfect gift 

7 Tactical Grips for Crossfit

Tactical grips by Victory Grips may not have been my first thought for a gift guide, but Ross told me I had to include these because he loves them so much. So, from my guy to yours, these are going to be amazing! Victory Grips (tactical version) are perfect for the cross-fitters and weight-lifters on your list. 

8 Bylt Weekender Pants

Let’s talk about some clothes. Bylt Weekender pants are another Ross fave. They look good and feel good. It’s one of those pairs of pants you can wear anywhere and look great. So, add them to your cart and wrap them up for a gift.  

9 Vuori Everything 

You CANNOT go wrong with Vuori! When in doubt, I get Ross something from Vuori. He loves their joggers, t-shirts, and swim trunks. The swim trunks are some of my faves. If you are thinking about gifting clothes you need to check Vuori. They are just so good! 

10 Faherty Pants

Ross says if he had to pick one favorite pair of pants it’s these Faherty pants! You heard it straight from him, which means your guy is going to love it too. They are nice enough to wear to work but comfy enough for his daily power naps. 

11 Legend Sweater Shirt

Ross said that Faherty is his new favorite brand so I wanted to include one of their shirts. This Legend Sweater Shirt is one of Ross’ favorite shirts. It’s comfy, but also looks so nice on. It would make a great gift for any of the guys on your list. 

12 Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are life-changing for anyone who is not already packing with them. They keep all of your stuff organized while you are traveling. This would be a great gift for someone who is always on the go. 

13 Theragun and Foam Roller 

We all know fitness enthusiasts who could really benefit from some recovery tools for when they are sore. This year gift him a Theragun and/or foam roller! Not only will they love the gift, but it’ll also be something they can use all the time.

14 Nena el Don 

Crossbody bags are here so I had to share one that was manly. This leather manny pack from Nena and Co would make a great gift. Plus, you can use my code Lillie for 15% off.

Gift Guide for Him

You are set! All you have to do is pick something from this gift guide for him. Most of the things on this list are Ross’ favorites so that’s proof your man is going to love them too. Don’t forget, every man loves good food, so check out my cookbooks.  I also love sharing recipes and food combinations on Instagram and TikTok so come hang out with me there too! 

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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