With Christmas almost here, I decided to jump in on the fun and put together some gift guides. I’ve shared them on Instagram and LTK, but thought I’d add them here for easy reference. If you need some good gifts for the cook in your life (or yourself), this gift guide has some amazing kitchen ideas. This gift guide of kitchen favorites has everything I love plus a little bit more. Hope it helps! 

1. Serving Spoons

These cute gold serving spoons from Target are so cute and less than $20. They’d be perfect for hosting large events or just making any dish cuter! 

2. Salad Hands

Not to be dramatic, but I can’t live without good salad hands. They make tossing a salad so easy and quick. It’s definitely my favorite way to toss any salad. And I love salad. You can find some amazing salad recipes on my blog here

3. Shallow Amazon Bowls 

I love these shallow Amazon bowls. Great purchase and something you’ll use every day. They’re microwave and dishwasher-safe while still looking so beautiful. A win-win. 

4. Clip-on Strainer 

Having a clip-on strainer makes life so much better. I’ll never use a big awkward strainer again. Love this little guy. I use it for all kinds of recipes like this Tuna Pasta Salad. And it’s perfect for when I’m making noodles for my boys. 

5. Giant Salad Bowl for Entertaining

Having a giant bowl for entertaining is a staple. Great for entertaining at your house or for taking to a holiday party. It looks great and would even pair well with these salad hands for an amazing, thoughtful gift. 

6. Ninja Creami

For everyone who still doesn’t have a Creami! Everyone is obsessed…even if I’m more of a shake girl. I get the hype, but I’m not giving up my nightly shake anytime soon (or probably ever). 

7. Caraway Bakeware

Caraway bakeware is great. Love it and it’s gorgeous. A winning combination.

8. Instant Pot

Wouldn’t wanna live without my Instant Pot. Amazing for a busy life (or when you forget about starting dinner). 

I have so many Instant Pot recipes on my blog, it’s definitely a staple at my house. 

9. Ninja Twisti Blender

I use my Ninja Twistie almost every night. It’s my go-to blender for the shake! You can get all the details on the shake here

10. Huge Cutting Board

I LOVE my huge cutting board. It lives on the counter by the sink. It’s beautiful and used ALL DAY. Any cook would love one! Functional and beautiful 👏

11. Air Fryer

If you don’t have an air fryer yet, you need one! Because everyone NEEDS AN AIR FRYER. Even if it’s just to reheat pizza, fries, or leftover roasted veggies, but also to cook fresh fish, chicken, steak, and potatoes. And let’s not forget my favorite Air-fryer Hot Honey Salmon Bites. An air fryer is SO handy. Even for those of us who love using our ovens too. 

For more air fryer recipes, make sure you’re on my email list. I’m always sharing new recipes, tips, and more! 

12. Favorite Pan

One of my most used pans. An enamel cast iron is always a winner. Great for stovetop recipes that also need a little baking in the oven. No transferring dishes over here. 

13. Alligator Chopper

I always use this. Love it. There’s not much I can control in life, but I can have perfectly cut, same-sized veggies. This is everyone’s favorite gadget. To chop everything tiny and perfect…for soup or pico.  I usually don’t love gadgets, but I love this

14. Plates

Our new Amazon plates–love them! 

15. Anthro Bowls

Have these and love them. But just so you know, they’re really pretty shallow. 

16. Baker and Olive

If you only get one thing for the cook, get this vinegar! Pair it with olive oil if you really wanna do it right. But DON’T skip the vinegar. The white balsamics are my favorites. Peach, lemon, pineapple, apricot., you can’t go wrong! But those are my faves in order!

You can use this link for 10% off Baker and Olive, no code needed! 

17. Geometry Kitchen Towels

Also, I love these kitchen towels. They’re so cute, and I love how they look in my drawer. Definitely a favorite. To get 15% off, you can use the code LILLIE15 when you check out at Geometry House. 

Gift Guide of Kitchen Favorites

I hope you can find something to spoil the cook in your life! This Gift Guide of Kitchen Favorites has everything I love plus some extras like the Ninja Creami. 

Of course, if you don’t have all of my cookbooks–those would be GREAT gifs for anyone in your life. Perfect if you want to eat healthier, count macros, or just like good food. It might be too late to get the physical book for Christmas day, but when you purchase the hard copy you also receive a digital copy for immediate download. 

Happy Holidays! 

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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