Macro-friendly Double Chocolate Flapjacked Protein muffin yogurt bowl

I know. This recipe is legit. And all whole foods. Er….whole amounts of packaged foods. But if I want an afternoon treat, I want an afternoon treat. And this one fits.

Macro-friendly Double Chocolate Flapjacked Protein muffin yogurt bowl

I’m obsessed with these Flapjacked mighty muffins under halo top for dessert too.  And as much as I still love a homemade, giant, chocolate chip cookie, and sometimes they’re worth it! …they take about twice the fat and more than twice the carbs of this “mighty muffin” (which tastes like a chocolate lava cake to me). It’s easy to pass up even a fresh afternoon cookie when I can stuff my face with this instead and then still have the carbs and fat for my tostadas at dinner… AAAAAAND dessert later.

It’s such a numbers game! This is why I love macros.  I never would have dished this up for myself in the afternoon before macros.  But I would have been hungry and had a random piece of Trader Joes dark chocolate out of my pantry like five times and somebody’s gold fish here and there until I far surpassed the macros I eat in this big, yummy satisfying, CHOCOLATEY bowl.

Macro-friendly Double Chocolate Flapjacked Protein muffin yogurt bowl

Double Chocolate Mighty Muffin Yogurt Bowl

Obviously a packaged microwave treat shouldn’t take much direction, but I want you to have the best experience possible so you’ll fall in love like me! One of the best ways to indulge in a big gooey chocolatey dessert and still stay on track!
Author Lillie
Course Snack, Treat
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Servings 1
Calories 300 kcal


  • Flapjacked double chocolate mighty muffin
  • Half of a container or 75 g of Dannon fit and light greek yogurt (I love vanilla, caramel macchiato, and pumpkin)
  • Fat free whipped cream 15 g
  • Mini chocolate chips 3 g
  • Berries 40 g


  • I ignore package directions and make my mighty muffin with ⅓ cup water for 40 seconds in my microwave so it still looks wet on top. I want it to be a little underdone like a lava cake, not actually set like a muffin.
  • Dump the gooey muffin in to a bowl… if it’s too runny for you, you can always microwave the bowl at this point for ten more seconds.  Don’t panic if you dump it out and it’s too wet. I almost like it better when I have to microwave it again, it just gets denser and fudgier, more like a brownie and less like cake.
  • Let it cool for a minute and then top with 75 g yogurt, berries, mini chips and whipped cream.


  1. If I want to save a few carbs or protein I do half a yogurt.. 75 g…
  2. These mighty muffins are one of my favorite new additions to my pantry since counting macros. I get them at GNC or on Amazon. They’re not the cheapest dessert when you eat them almost nightly like me, but great to stash a few. Double chocolate is my favorite (especially if I’m covering it with halo top for dessert), but I also really like the pumpkin to eat with yogurt. S’more is the only one I’m like eh.


Calories: 300kcalCarbohydrates: 36gProtein: 23gFat: 9g

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  1. Tried this recipe this morning and it was delightful! I used Two Good Vanilla yogurt and some blueberries. It was like having dessert for breakfast 😋 Thank You so much for sharing! I am loving so many of your recipes 💕