As a general rule, I’m not a big breakfast person–but these healthy ‘breakfast’ bowls are so yummy and light that you can essentially eat them anytime–breakfast or not.  They’re great piled high with fresh fruit, especially peaches…when they’re in season. There are no rules as to when you have to eat these bowls because seriously, they’re so light that they make the perfect afternoon snack, quick breakfast, or even balanced dessert.

All of these bowls, except this Simple Cream of Rice Bowl, are super macro-friendly and balanced. The cream of rice bowl became a favorite of mine when I was eating higher carbs to try to solve some health issues, and I still love it. It’s so simple, healthy, and easy that it barely needs a recipe. Who knew that cream of rice wasn’t just for babies?! 

I’ve shared all these recipes before, but now they’re all here in one place for easy reference. Enjoy! 

The Best Yogurt and Cottage Cheese Bowl

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

Cottage cheese is one of the most controversial pantry staples, but it’s so delicious. I especially love the low-fat Knudsen brand, so good. The mild flavor of the cottage cheese perfectly pairs with the tangy yogurt to make the best healthy breakfast bowl. 

Of course, you can skip the cottage cheese altogether and keep basically the same macros by just using Greek yogurt. Or if it’s just the cottage cheese texture that gets you, give the whole carton a blend when you get it home. I won’t even tell you that the thought offends me because I love curds with all my heart…#teamcurds. But don’t worry, I’ll still support you no matter how you eat this cottage cheese and yogurt bowl

Macro-friendly Vanilla Protein Smoothie Bowl

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

When it comes to the perfect smoothie, it’s all about the texture. And this macro-friendly vanilla smoothie has the best melty soft-serve texture that really scratches the sweet tooth itch.  

I could lie and tell you the blender doesn’t matter, but when it comes to achieving the perfect creamy texture, this blender is the best one ever. It’s the one I use for my nightly chocolate shake. It might sound like a lawn mower for a few seconds, but I just find myself reaching for it over anything else.  

And when it comes to how to serve your smoothie, you can eat it out of an insulated bowl or something like this insulated tumbler with these long spoons. Top it with fruit, and a drizzle of natural nut butter, and this protein-packed smoothie becomes the perfect macro-friendly snack. 

Apple Crisp Yogurt and Cottage Cheese Bowl 

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

I’m such a sucker for a good cottage cheese and yogurt bowl, and this one does not disappoint. It’s similar to my other yogurt and cottage cheese bowls, but this one has a little bit more structure. I guess not everyone cleans out their fridge for every meal…

With just a few ingredients and stirs, you can whip up this bowl for a healthy afternoon snack or a healthy breakfast. It’s so easy to fit in your macros with 24 grams of protein that’s chock-full of fall-themed flavor–so good! 

High Protein Berry Smoothie Bowl

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

This healthy breakfast bowl was inspired by my love of açai bowls.  If you’re not familiar, açai bowls are blended açai berries (usually with other fruits mixed in), that are then topped with your favorite toppings like fruit, nut butter, granola, etc. 

Of course, it’s not always easy to fit acai bowls into your daily macro goals, so this High Protein Berry Smoothie Bowl is a great, macro-friendly alternative. 

And if you know me, you know I LOVE big, satisfying portions. I was skeptical if I could make a smoothie that was macro-friendly and didn’t leave me scraping the bowl wishing there was more, but this High Protein Berry Smoothie Bowl definitely fits the bill.  

Simple Cream of Rice Breakfast Bowl 

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

I started eating these Simple Cream of Rice Breakfast Bowls when I was working on some health stuff, and I love them! They’re so simple and the perfect carby, fruit-filled breakfast or snack.  

These healthy breakfast bowls are so light and easy to digest that you can even eat them before working out if you want to. I prefer cream of rice to oatmeal because it just seems to grow more? There’s really no specific answer as to why, but it’s the same amount of carbs with just a little bit more volume. 

They’re so easy to make and pretty straightforward, but you can find the entire recipe here if you need it. 

Healthy Breakfast Bowls

These healthy breakfast bowls are a great way to have something sweet that tastes like it should eat up all your carbs but doesn’t. They’re yummy enough for dessert, but the macros will rival any salad or wrap or any other healthy, balanced meal. So you can feel great throwing it in your meal plan whenever YOU want! 

And if you love having healthy, balanced snacks and meals or you want more macro-friendly meal ideas, you should check out my cookbooks and hang out with me over on Instagram. I love sharing recipes and ideas to make healthy eating as delicious as possible!

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  1. I started macro eating and tracking two weeks ago with a macro coach and came upon your IG and website. I have downloaded two of your cookbooks and used several of the recipes. Love all of them! It is just my husband and I at home as we have two girls in college. I would love to see your new cookbook recipes for 2-4 people to make it easier to cook without having a lot of leftovers. Thank you for all of your work. You have made MACROS an enjoyable, tasty and fun way to eat healthy!