Casseroles. They are just so easy to make. Of course you can find complicated ones, but I’ll always choose easy meal options if I can. Plus, I love that they are comforting and homey. They make my life so much easier when things get crazy so I thought I’d share some easy recipe ideas because easy casseroles for dinner are the way to go. 

Baked Feta Cauliflower Rice with Shrimp

baked feta

A super easy dinner casserole aka one-pot meal. This baked feta cauliflower rice with shrimp is so fast to throw together, packed with flavor and protein, and extra light on carbs and fat… leaving plenty of room for something fun later! This is my goal in life haha. Make dinner delicious, but not at the expense of dessert and day-time chips. This dish has a cauliflower rice base, so if that’s too hard on your belly, maybe bulk yours up with some real rice! Much higher in carbs of course, but sometimes we gotta do what the bloat makes us do.

Mushroom Ricotta Pasta Bake

mushroom ricotta pasta bake

I can’t imagine a world where I couldn’t enjoy hearty comfort foods when I want. I want to shout from the rooftops that counting macros doesn’t mean you have to give up casseroles and pasta bakes. This mushroom ricotta pasta bake is hearty enough to leave you satisfied, but light enough to leave room for all of the other fall must-haves. And obviously– “macro friendly.” We like loading this dish up with yellow summer squash (or zucchini, whichever you prefer), mushrooms, shallots, and fresh herbs.

Baked Feta Spaghetti Squash

baked feta spaghetti squash

My family loves a good pasta night. And obviously, anything is good with lots of cheese. But usually I feel like I’ll need to pass on it if I’m trying to keep my macros in line at all. But this baked feta spaghetti squash recipe shocked me! So tasty, creamy, and cheesy… still killer macros! PLUS it’s an easy casserole type dinner to make for your family. I’ve got to give a shout out to Grilled Cheese Social for the original Baked Feta Pasta that went viral! What a hit. Of course I had to adapt it to appeal to those macro-friendly lovers out there.

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Cauliflower Rice Enchilada Skillet

cauliflower rice enchilada skillet

I hate to be a one-trick pony and grab for cauliflower too often. But it is what it is– an excellent way to bulk up a meal while keeping things light! On it’s own– meh. But if it’s done right, I’m a fan. If it’s in a dinner yielding limited dirty dishes, it tastes EVEN better. This cauliflower rice enchilada skillet is light, and tasty, and made in ONE DISH. Because I love you. And me.

Chicken Marinara

chicken marinara

I love an easy meal that gives all the warm comforting feels. Bolognese. Marinara. Lasagna. The garlic-y tomato goodness just tastes so good, especially when it’s complimented with fresh herbs. That’s why this lightened-up recipe for chicken marinara has become a favorite in our home. I love it because it’s easy and because I can feed my family something they are going to love while sneaking something in that’s healthy.

Baked Ricotta Spaghetti Squash with Shrimp

baked ricotta spaghetti squash

I’ll never stop playing with spaghetti squash recipes. This squash is so tasty and versatile that the serving possibilities are endless! It’s starchy enough to really satisfy (just like spaghetti) but is so much lower in carbs than other starchy veggies (and grains, of course). One cup of spaghetti squash is way more filling than you would think, and…wait for it…is only 40 calories. This delicious baked ricotta spaghetti squash recipe will leave you with only one dish to clean up. You’rrrrrrrre welcome.

Creamy Green Chili Chicken Bake

creamy green chili chicken bake

Creamy, green chili chicken bake. One dish! So easy. Sometimes there’s nothing better than tucking everything into one rectangular baking dish, popping it in the oven, and calling it good. If you’re into green chili chicken enchiladas, you’ll definitely want to check this easy dinner casserole recipe out.

Skinny Mushroom and Thyme Pasta Bake with Chicken and Creamy Cauliflower Sauce

mushroom and thyme pasta bake

This is a giant pan of veggies, chicken, and PASTA in a garlicky, creamy cauliflower sauce… sprinkled with breadcrumbs and parmesan and baked to perfection so it can make your house smell like heaven and feed your whole clan at ONCE.  The best kind of meal. You’ve got to try this skinny mushroom and thyme pasta bake with chicken and creamy cauliflower sauce.  Everyone ate this. My boys skipped the mushrooms but I’m still calling it a win. Especially because I got extra mushrooms.

Skinny Chicken Divan with Cauliflower Cream Sauce

chicken divan

I decided we couldn’t miss an opportunity to focus in on an old classic casserole, just lighten-up.  But can I be real and tell you I didn’t know this was called Chicken Divan till I was like 30? In my house, it was broccoli cheese casserole.  Which is exactly what it is.  But I’m loving that someone named this casserole something so much fancier so we can keep pretending we don’t make casseroles like our moms did.

Easy Casseroles for Dinner

If you liked these easy casseroles for dinner then you have got to check out my cookbook ONE. I’m sure you’ll love all of my cookbooks, but ONE specifically focuses on one-dish meals which are essentially casseroles in my opinion. And if you want to stay up to date on my latest creations, make sure you are hanging out with me on Instagram and TikTok. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on anything. 

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