I was so excited to launch this new book in November, I never got around to blogging about it! Thanks to Instagram, you’ve been purchasing and reviewing and sharing… sending me so many amazing messages… thank you so much for all of the love and support! Now my goal in 2021 is to get back to updating things over here. The blog has been a bit neglected. And this new one-dish labor of love needs to be documented.

If you’re new here, I create macro-friendly cookbooks! But I also love to keep this blog updated with free recipes. But that’s been hard to do while trying to finish “ONE” so I’m so happy to be done, and see it out in the world, being used like crazy in your homes!

A favorite: The stacked chicken and cauliflower enchiladas

Ok, so I’m excited to get back to sharing content over here. But I’m not sure anything will ever compare to the ease of opening up a book in your kitchen, following the recipe, and then logging your quantity directly from My Fitness Pal. (For the macro-counters of course.)

Sloppy Joe Skillet

“One” A Healthy Twist on Single-Dish Comforts

This new book is the third of my macro-friendly cookbooks. It focuses on delicious, comforting, yet still healthy meals that are essentially served from one dish. You’ll find a handful of favorite lightened up sauces and dressings, plus 56 recipes that are ideal for feeding the whole family, but also PERFECT for meal prep.

Butternut Squash Veggie Soup

Just like the Lillie Eats and Tells cookbook and the Crunchwrap Book, every recipe has the macronutrients not only included in the book but pre-loaded into both the My Fitness Pal and Lose It apps to simplify your macro-counting experience.

Instant Pot Pork Ragu

A handful of the recipes are tried and true favorites from the blog, some have been leaked here and there on my instagram page or here on the blog for thorough testing and perfecting, and several others are making their debut.

Large pot of creamy chicken chili
White Chicken Chili: An absolute fan-favorite.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find in “ONE”:

  • White Chicken Chili
  • Philly Cheesesteak Skillet
  • Egg Roll Bowl
  • Chicken Pot Pie Soup
  • Creamy Cauliflower Spaghetti Squash Casserole
  • Crustless Quiche
  • Stacked Chicken and Cauliflower Enchiladas
  • Creamy Spinach Artichoke Chicken Bake
  • Greek Chicken Souvlaki and Roasted Red Peppers
  • Blackened Salmon and Veggies
  • Bruschetta-Topped Tilapia with Roasted Cauliflower
  • Almost Classic Cottage Cheese Chicken Salad
  • Shrimp Ceviche Salad
  • Jalapeño-Avocado Dressing
  • Creamy Chimichurri

But here’s a comprehensive list of contents! The book is broken up into six sections.


In POTS you’ll see all of the soups and chilis you need to get you through the Fall and Winter, along with a DELICIOUS but simple, staple weeknight bolognese and pork ragu to serve over pasta or a lower carb option like spaghetti squash. Family favorites all winter over here! All of the meals in this section are PERFECT for prepping ahead, freezing, or talking to a friend.

Pot of lemony chicken soup


Pans will give you a variety of delicious dinners cooked in ONE skillet. All of these come together very quickly on the stove top, and a couple are finished off in the oven. ALL of them are so tasty, comforting, and served from one dish!


The dishes are another term for casseroles! Creamy, comforting, and yet TOTALLY MACRO-FRIENDLY. Like even LARGE-portioned servings. My M.O. The stacked enchiladas, and the deconstructed butternut enchiladas have been big hits! As wells as the creamy cauliflower spaghetti squash and cheesy broccoli chicken and “rice”casseroles. You’ll be cozy, full, AND crushing goals. I’m serious guys.

Cheesy spaghetti squash bake in one pan with a wooden spoon


These are your sheet pan dinners. You’ll see lots roasted veggies, easy quick chicken, salmon, pork. Stick your large sheet pan in the oven, clean up the kitchen. Dinner is a BREEZE.


This is my salad section! Macro-friendly family-sized salads, which means you can choose one when you’re serving a crowd. But serve yourself a portion and log it if you like! You’ll also find a few favorite bowls written for just one. These ones will be easy to multiply if you’d like it to feed your whole family!

zesty Mediterranean tuna salad


In the JARS section, you’ll find my favorite and essential sauces! It’s amazing what a good sauce or condiment can do for a meal. But it’s also amazing how quickly they can add up if you’re not careful. I’m all about indulgence when it’s worth it. But I don’t want to spend all of my fun on my salad or roasted veggies… but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be DELICIOUS.

The digital copy can be downloaded immediately after purchase and saved to your books or kindle app for easy viewing. The print copy will be a spiral bound, paperback that can lay open flat on your kitchen counter while you use the heck out of it. xo

For the Macro Counters

This book, along with my other two, are meant for anyone who who appreciates higher protein, veggie-packed, healthy, balanced, delicious recipes. If you count macros, they’ll be especially life-changing. Said as humbly as possible.

Macro-counting can be so exciting if you’re feeling good and seeing progress. But it can also be SO SO time consuming if you want or hope for any variety in the kitchen. Planning, calculating, and measuring your food can be too much to sustain! But so can chicken and broccoli every night.

Each recipe from this book (and my others) has been pre-loaded into My Fitness Pal by the gram. This means that you can follow the directions for a spaghetti squash bake, clean up, pull it out of the oven, and dish yourself the 400 gram bowl you already logged ahead (simply go to your diary and search the title as I clarify on each book-recipe.) And if you don’t want it all, you can adjust in to 300. Still hungry? Log 600. It’s up to you.

Easy peasy.

Happy cooking!

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  1. Every recipe has been DELICIOUS!! We love the generous portions, healthy ingredients, and incredible flavors. Lillie is a genius! ❤️

  2. I have tried the pumpkin turkey chili and it was a huge hit among many and too much to type. All was so tasty and easy to make especially since I do not like to cook. Highly recommend!!

  3. Absolutely love this cookbook. I’ll be honest, the pricetag was a little hard to swallow, but I quickly realized it was SO worth it! Every recipe is packed with flavor and using ingredients that I always have, nothing “weird. ” The whole family enjoys each recipe. I love having the macro counts for when I’m tracking and serving sizes are generous. Bite the bullet and buy, you’ll be happy you did!

  4. The recipes in this cookbook are amazing! They’re delicious and husband/kid approved in my house. Big portion sizes and low calories. It’s worth every penny.

  5. It is beautifully presented. I have only had it for a short time, my first recipe was Chicken Pot Pie soup and it is DELICIOUS. Highly recommend it.

  6. Game Changer!!
    Everything about (both cookbooks &) your recipes is an absolute delight. I’ve never had anyone in the family not like a “Lillie Recipe” and I have some finicky eaters! You’re a household name for us – I talk about you like a member of the family!! Thank you for all the love you put into your recipes and the communication with all of us!!

  7. It’s like I finally don’t hate to cook!! If you are on the fence about any of Lillie’s books, jump in and purchase all of them. They will last a lifetime. Your kids will thank you.

  8. i cook out of this cookbook at least 2x/week, sometimes more. these recipes are SO GOOD and sneak so many veggies in which is perfect for picky boyfriends/husbands/kids. I recommend it to everyone and have gifted it twice. I just love it!

  9. This cookbook Is so amazing and has made it easy to cook wonderful healthy meals for me and my family. Every week i sit down and plan my menu. Now i just grab “One” insteAd of my Huge stack of other cookbooks. Its my go to every week!

  10. Absolutely amazing! I had been wanting to get this book for a while after seeing So many yummy recipes on inSTa and finally bought it after christmas. Ive alReady made the white chicken Chili, HONey-gInger turkey stir fry and the brown sugar spiced pork and all wEre great!! My famiLy loved too!

  11. Amazing and delicious! I love Her one book and all her recipes. SHe makes macro counting and cooking Approachable for someone wHo is new- I highly recommend all her books!!!❤️😋

  12. Love this book! I’m a household of one, whatever i make i end up eating for a week so its important i like what i make…i almost always go fOr a lillie recipe Because i have never been disaPpointed. I don’t really track macros, but i appreciate that there’s a balance and tons of veggies!!

  13. Love this cookbook! Recipes are so delicious. Even my picky husband loves them. I love that the macros and serving size are already figured for every recipe. I use this book multiple timea during the week. Highly recommend it!!!

  14. EvEry recipe In the book is PHENOMENAL.i AFFECTIONATELY refer to all recipes by lillie aS a “lillie recipe.” By that cLaim, the whOle family knows dinner wIll be delicious. Every sauce, meal, side, or treat created by lillie is sure to be a win. I cannot RECOMMEND her books more.

  15. AMAZING!!!! EVERYTHING in this book is full of flavor and so satiSfying, along with being healthy! Shes my go to for yummy and healthy recIpes!

    1. absolutely love this book. Recipes are easy and deliciOus. GrEat for serving my big family and prepping meals in advance. I always freeze many of the dishes so i can pull them out later for an easy dinner! I have not made one dish that we HAVEN’T loved!

  16. This is my go-to cookbook for AMAZING recipes.My husband was doing keto when i started counting macros and COOKING Lillie’s recipes. After a few weeks he said i want what YOU’RE having!! All of her recipes are fabulous!!

  17. everything ive made from this cookbook has been amazing!! Easy ways to sneak in extra veggies Without sacrificing taste. Definitely RecOmmend

  18. Such an amaZing book. Recipes Are full of flavor. I ApprecIate her focus on ingredients In grams, macros per serving. And her servings are extremely generous!

  19. Love love love This cookbook. We use it several times a week. I have all 3 cookbooks and they are fabulous! So glad I Started following in Instagram or i would be missing so many great meals

  20. This is my favorite cookbook. I use it wEekly. The white chiCken chili and stacked chicken & CAULIFLOWER EnchiLadas are faves so far.

  21. My FAMILY and i are loving this book so much! everything we’ve made has been DELICIOUS, and my kids and i are having so much fun Meal PLANNING and COOKING togEther 💜

  22. Favorite cookbook! I use kt wverY week. Delicious food that is family aPproved And easily fits into my macros. Great for if you’re trAcking or Just want tAsty healthy MeAls.

  23. Love loVe love this book so much, the recIpes are so simple, so fresh anD so tasty. My kids and huSbaNd approve! ThEy are weight watchers friendly, which is what i follow. I could eat rhe salmon farro salad every day for Lunch! Thank you for this amazing gem 🙂

  24. I recently purchased the book after following on instagram. My family of 6 (three teenage boys and a preteen girl) have loved every recipe i have made. To please teenage boys and my picky husband with healthy meals i also love seems like an impossiblE task. Thank you!!

  25. Im working my way through al of the recipes in this book and so far, EVery recipe i have tried has been incredible!

  26. Blown away every time I make a meal from this book. Lillie is a FOOD GENIUS and knocks it out OF the park. So grateful for these recipes!

  27. If you Are reading the comments tO see if it is worth buying…. The answer is Yes! I love this cookbook. I am CURRENTLY making my way througH this book and evEry Recipe i have made is so good and family friendly. I am Also new to counting macros and this cookbook makes it so easy!!!

  28. absolutely love this cookbook! I have all thRee, but this is Our favorite and go-to. Lillie completely changeD Our world and the definition of “healthy Eating” With these recipes by showing how you don’t have to give up Tasty, good quality and good quantity of foods! Highly recommend and have been to all our friends!

  29. I just love the weeknight Bolognese from her one cookbook. Its perfect Spaghetti type dinner is low iN cALories That fits all the vegGies in a meal for the kids. Its so delicious as well. This is a must!

  30. I love to cook aNd i love buying cookbooks but many of them end uP sitting on a bookshelf far away from my kitchen. This cook book is One of the very few that i Keep in my kitchen and use all of the time!!! I have never made a meal from this book that i don’t Absolutely *LOVE*. Highly recommend!!!

  31. This book is amazing! Every single recipe is delicious, and with a little meal prep you’ll save time during the week for dinners and lunches.
    If you’re counting macros, you’ll find the dishes to be delicious and portions generous.

  32. This cookbook will change your life! It makes meal planning so much easier. My kids say “lillie never misses mom! Everything Always tastes so good!!”
    I can’t recommend it enough

  33. 1. I’m a crappy cook.
    2. I need to follow a recipe.
    3. Counting macros has changed my life.
    Winner!! Winner!!!!! Every recipe i’ve tried has been a keeper and they are simple to follow and even simple if you need to make changes. I have a few other macro cookbooks but this is DEFINITELY my go to!

  34. If You are counting macros, This Cookbook is such a blessing! I Am still working my waY through the recipes, but so far i love the pumpkin turKeY chili and the egg Roll bowls. Lillie is the best at stuffing all of the veggies In, and making sure portions aRe hearty. No regrets on this purchase.

  35. I got Lillie’s One cookbook a month ago and i’ve already made at least 7 recipes. My family has loved everything I’ve made. The RECIPES are easy to FOLLOW, full of veggies and have great fLavor. If i had to Pick a favorite, i’d Say the turkey PUMPKIN chili. I’ve made it tWice and loved it each time! All Recipes Great fOr leftovers, too. This is my go-to cookbook now. I don’t count macros, but i love that it would be easy to count macros for these recipes if i wanted to.

  36. Simply put i love this cookbook. this is the one cookbook i go to more than anY other. Every recipe is eaSy, DELICIOUS and filling. I lOve that the macros are all counted and super easy to portion and freeze For meal prep. I also lOve how the recipe is laid out, They are super easy to follow, even on nights i don’t feel like cooking. This cookbook is perfection!! I even use most of these recipe for my 2 vegetaRian kids and swap out the meat for plant based meat and they love it!

  37. When i say Lillies cookbooks are all i use, i mean it. These are worth every Penny! I Don’t feel like I’m eating “health” food; these meals are delicious and filling and as a side bonus, taste so amazing!

  38. I can’t put into words how much this cookbook has changed my life. I make at least 2 recipes from it every week. Delicious food, healthy portions, macros already loaded into my fitness pal…i could go on and on. My boyfriend loves every recipe we’ve tried. Go buy this book! You won’t be sorry.

  39. So so good! I got it 2 weeks ago and have already made 4 recipes and my family loved them all! Beautiful photos of every recipe (a must for me with a cookbook) and easy healthy meals.

  40. Love, love, love this cook book! All the recipes are delicious and make me feel liked a gourmet chef while not requiring true chef skills! Best of all, I know my family and I are eating healthy, nutritious meals without having to think about it!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  41. Love this book! I have four boys and they’re huge Fans of the Meat and all the ways we reuse it. Greek pitas one nighT, Pork sammIeS the next. Love!

  42. I love this cookbook! The portions are huge so with my family of 5 i am able to feed everyone and still have some left to freeze! EVerything is easy to make and the macros are already Done for you. Perfect, yummy meals every tIme!

  43. Best cookbook! I don’t count
    Macros But i know i am eating yummy healthy food! Every recIpe i try is DELICIOUS!!

  44. Hi Lillie, Please advise how I might purchase your cook books.

    Happy, Healthy Holidays!


      1. Hi Lillie,
        I would like the actual cookbook and not the down load so I can give it as a gift. Is there a way to buy just the cookbook? Thank you for your help.

        1. Hi Linda! The digital is actually just thrown in for free when you purchase the hard copy. It just comes either way. Hope that makes. sense!

  45. I was hesitant to purchase due to the price but this is not an ordinary cook book! The math of macros are all done for you and the receipies are delish, healthy and filling. Ive made so many dishes repeatedly for the entire family, including my 14 month old who has loved the Broc rice dish the most! Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for healthy recipes, even if you don’t count macros. This is worth the price!

  46. I can’t not express how much I love this book! I cook out of it almost every single night. If I don’t use this book I use LEAT. The recipes are so delicious and macro friendly. Even if I’m not super adamant about tracking at the time I know when I eat these recipes I’m still covered. If you don’t count macros you will still be obsessed and love every single recipe! It’s worth every cent to me! Thanks Lillie for making my life easier and my food better than ever!

  47. I think I’ve made a recipe from this book every day since I got it. Everything is so, so good. My whole family eats it all up too! It is worth every single penny and then some. The macro breakdowns are so helpful and make tracking so easy. I’m just so thankful I found Lillie and her talent for creating delicious, easy, and macro friendly recipes that my whole family can enjoy!

  48. Lillie cookbook is worth every penny spent, 100x over! We make something out of her cookbook every week. So many options, you’ll always have something new to try. I love that her meals are veggie and protein focused; makes my macro loving heart flutter! Now of only Lillie would write a new cookbook every few months. I will always be one of the first to buy every cookbook she puts out.

  49. We Love Lille Biesinger’s “ONE” Cookbook!!! We’ve made 10 recipes since it arrived in the mail and we have liked them All!
    6 of the recipes we have made we Absolutely Love & they will definitely be on “Repeat!” Our Top 3 are Zucchini Lasagna, Deconstructed Butternut Chicken Enchiladas and Philly Cheesesteak Skillet! All the recipes in her book look like recipes we want to try (& that’s our goal – to make all of them)! The recipes are User Friendly and Not Complicated! All The Recipes are already loaded into the “My Fitness Pal” app – which is Such a Bonus and Huge Added Value!

  50. I LOVE so many things in this book. Two of my absolute Favs are the chicken tortilla soup (add guac and TJs corn chips with Elote seasoning!!!) and the Almost classic chicken salad. 🤤🤤🤤 I’m so thankful for your books, Lillie!

  51. I love this book! Such a great variety of recipes. We LOVED the Pumpkin Turkey Chili. Not only do the dishes taste great, but there’s the added bonus that the recipes are already in My Fitness Pal! Anxious to continue working my way through this book!

  52. Lillie, I love your books! My whole family enjoys every recipe I’ve tried from them, even my toddler! I love the heap of hidden veggies and the taste is always next level!! Thanks for making tracking easier and yummier!

  53. Lillie’s recipes are the absolute best!! I have three children. One of whom is a picky eater (3 years old). Every single recipe I have made of Lillie’s, I kid you not, has been devoured without any bribery!! I love that I can bulk prep meats over the weekend and quickly make different recipes using the meat throughout the week!

  54. I just got this cookbook a few weeks ago and I’ve already made 8 different meals out of it. OMG!!! I really have been so impressed by everything I’ve made… Even my fiance has been enjoying the meals, and he is not a macro counter. So far my favorites are the deconstructed butternut squash enchiladas and the chicken parm dish. The huge portions give me life!!!!! Love this and can’t wait to try every single recipe!!!

  55. I love her recipes books and especially this one. It’s got great family recipes that are easy for this mom on the go. Best part you get big, delicious servings! I am skeptical at buying cookbooks becuase I have many that I never open. This and her first book I use weekly!

  56. I just recently purchased the One cookbook. First off – I love that it is spiral bound, big and comes with pictures! I’ve made 2 recipes so far – Deconstructed butternut squash enchiladas and Mexican Street Corn. They were both fabulous and so full of flavor! This is my favorite cookbook! Thank you – I can tell the hard work that went into it!

  57. I honestly LOVE this cookbook! The recipes are simple and delicious and guilt free. And also LOVE the extra effort that Lillie (and her team I assume?) put into entering everything into MFP!!!!

  58. This is the most perfect book for delicious, easy, one pot meals! Cooking for yourself? Cooking for your family? This book is perfect for both. What I really love is that the recipes are all packed with flavor and also micronutrients. If you are looking for just one book to buy, this is it (although you are truly missing out if you don’t grab all of them)!

  59. I absolutely LOVE your cookbooks! I have yet to find a recipe of yours that my whole family doesn’t love. Thank you for making dinner time at my house so much more enjoyable and less stressful!

  60. So, I love everything in your cookbook (I have the first one with the second on my wishlist). I knew I would like it all, but I never in a million years thought my kids would. Anytime I make the turkey meatballs for a snack or meal for me, my five year old smells them and comes running. Even with all the mushrooms, onion and garlic!! If I only have a few left, I have to hide and eat them (just like chocolate). Last night I made the Smokey lime chicken and my middle son asked if there was more bc he wanted some for breakfast the next day! I am beyond excited about this!!! Thank you so much for creating these healthy, yummy recipes!

  61. Seriously just the most amazing cookbook ever!!! I’d been a long time IG recipe stalker of LEAT and made AT least 1-2 recipes from there or the blog a week but I knew I had to get this cookbook! One dish meals that also mimic our fave comfort foods but with zero guilt?! Uh yes please!! I love all of them but my faves so far are the white chicken chili, Greek sheet pan meal and the chili shrimp skillet!! Excited to try more and more. My family loves all of Lillie’s recipes and I enjoy making them!!

  62. LOVE this book. Love. The recipes are just what we needed to get out of our dinner rut. My family loves that they are all new and so flavorful. I also love that they are healthy and make enough for our whole family with leftovers.

  63. Best cookbooks ever! Saving my life over here! Lillie is a genius. Everything tastes delicious and is healthy! A total miracle. Love you forever Lillie!

  64. I started with your original cookbook while I did a challenge and the meal prep recipes were from that book. I loved all 6 we had for each week so I bought the book. My husband has this weird thing about pork and he loved each recipe that used pork. Now that we also have One he is knowingly choosing pork recipes! I love how easy it all is, that I get leftovers to support staying within my macros for lunches and that my family is loving so many of the dishes and getting their veggies and protein when it used to be such a struggle. These cookbooks are nothing less than life changing!

  65. I love this cookbook! We’ve made a couple meals out of it so far, and my family loves them! I love that I can have big sized portions that are filling and healthy! It also makes macro counting so easy. Thanks!

  66. Love this cookbook!!! Made more recipes from it than any other cookbook and they will be weekly staples! Thanks Lillie!

  67. I use Lillie’s recipes weekly. Legit weekly. This One cookbook is great when you want a few heartier meals. Best cookbooks EVER!

  68. Love, love, LOVE this cookbook! Delicious, hearty servings my whole family has loved (and my husband is PICKY)!! We make least 2-3 recipes from this book a week!! Such a good investment.

  69. I absolutely love this book and make several recipes out of it each week! It’s awesome because I can keep track of my macros and my family doesn’t know the difference (because they love the recipes as much as I do!).

  70. Every cookbook just keeps getting better and better! I love that my usually picky husband has lived everything I’ve made of yours and I feel like I am such a winner! Healthy and delish- plus easy to track! Thank you for making my life easier!

  71. Beat cookbook ever!! Recipes are fresh, easy and so healthy. As a macro counter this book saved me from a lot of trouble and has made my husband eat healthier as well. Love, love…LOVE!

  72. I love this book so much! Had made so much easier and I feel good know our meals through out the week will be balanced!

  73. Words can’t express how great this cookbook is! I make 90% of my meals using Lillies recipes. My whole family has lived every single dish! This has changed my life! So easy to follow, huge portions and absolutely delicious. Oh and most are freezable so I’ll make double batches which saves a ton of time!!

  74. My whole family LOVES your recipes! Our favorites out of this new cookbook, ONE, is the white chicken chili! We also love the Philly cheesesteaks skillet You really cannot go wrong! Thanks for all you do!

  75. Lillie’s cookbooks have changed everything about how I cook. I cannot recommend them enough! My husband and all 3 of my picky eating kids love them too. Every meal in her cookbooks and on her blog is AMAZING!!! Buy it! You will not regret it.

  76. I loved the original cookbook and I think this ONE is even better. My husband loves all the recipes even though he has never even considered a need to eat healthy! Our schedule allows us to eat lunch together and nearly every day is a Lillie recipe! He is constantly impressed and we are both happy happy happy with the meals, made macro friendly for me and family friendly for him! Best money I’ve spent in a long time. Space saving too because you no longer need other cookbooks!

  77. Absolutely my favorite cookbook. All the recipes are spot on, delicious and easy. No weird ingredients needed either! LOVE!

  78. I can’t rave enough about the ONE cookbook! This was my first purchase of Lillie’s and it was worth every penny and more! This cookbook is filled with delicious, flavorful, and fresh recipes that make you want to come back for more. Anytime I make a recipe out of Lillie’s book, my husband says he cannot get enough. He asks for a cup of chimichurri to be in the fridge at all times! Her book has really inspired us to cook more and use fresh ingredients. I cannot wait for another sale so I can purchase her other books! I am a fan for life so just do yourself a favor and click, “buy”!

  79. I got the “ONE” cookbook a couple of weeks ago and my husband (the cook in the family) as made several recipes and they have all been great for the WHOLE family. I have three young daughters and a lot of the time I am eating differently than everyone else so it has been amazing to be able to make healthy recipes the whole family loves.

    Thank you Lillie! You have such a gift!

  80. It’s so hard to decide which cookbook of yours is my favorite, but this busy phase of my life, I just keep reaching for ONE. Simple ingredients made special with fresh herbs/sauces. I’m not even counting macros and these are my go to dinner meals!

  81. I have the original book and this new one and OH MY GOSH. These cookbooks have changed my life. I could never stick to a healthy lifestyle because I found all of the food boring. Lillie’s recipes are delicious and it’s what we eat for dinner 5 nights a week!

  82. I LOVE this cookbook! I make at least two recipes from it each week and have loved every one of them! They are delicious, colorful, and nutrient-rich! I recommend it to everyone who comments on how yummy my food smells or looks! My coworkers all thing I love to cook but really I just love your cookbook and how well it prepares me! Makes me look forward to lunch every day.

  83. This book is an absolute game changer for my family of 6. All the meals are portioned enough for my whole family or great for a week of meal prep for myself! All the recipes we have tried are whole family approved!

  84. In the Top 5 cookbooks I own! Have made 5 recipes already and every single one has been so delicious. Also all have been somewhat picky husband approved! Being able to search the recipes in MFP is an extra bonus and I like having ingredients listed out by weight as wells volume. Do yourself a favor and grab this for sure!

  85. I am not a macro counter, but I love that these are well-balanced dishes with large portions. So far I have made the egg roll in a bowl and the stacked chicken cauliflower enchiladas. Both were huge hits with my husband and I! I can’t wait to work my way through the cookbook. I especially love the honest shortcuts (hello Dorot garlic cubes), and the no-nonsense ingredients and instructions.

  86. Every Lillie recipe I’ve tried has been a 10/10 and we eat a lot of your recipes in our house! Thanks for making macro counting so much easier and so delicious!

  87. I love everything I have tried. All the recipes are quick and easy and you have plenty leftover for a healthy grab and go lunch.. i cannot recommend enough, Lillie won’t disappoint!

  88. ONE is the best cookbook I own. Every single meal is packed with veggies and tastes amazing! Since purchasing this book my family of 6 has not eaten anything but the recipes from this book! The best part is none of count macros! We just love delicious and healthy food! Lille nailed it with this book! YUM!

  89. Love, love, LOVE all of your cookbooks! Constantly find myself recommending them! ONE is fantastic. I especially love the white chicken chili and the eggroll bowls!!!

  90. I am someone constantly trying new recipes. Always trying to find healthy ones that don’t taste like they’re too healthy. The ONE cookbook is my favorite ever. Love it so much and so does my husband! All delicious and lots of veggies in the meals. Thanks so much!

  91. Our family loves these recipes! They are a hit with picky kid and husband. My favorite part is when we have enough for lunch leftovers…..some are even large enough for two full meals depending on kids ages / appetites. So worth it to have a lovely printed copy too!

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    I 100% recommend these cookbooks (especially One).

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  114. Hi Lillie,
    When I click the link to try to buy the book, it takes me to a blank page. When I try to search for “One” or “Lillie”, it tells me no results found.

    Can you share the link again?