What a week! I launched my first cookbook, a macro cookbook! This has been even more exciting than I expected. Not perfect. SHOCKER. A couple of glitches with downloading time and size and possibly a few grammatical errors. (Gasp.) But it’s all worked out, and I can hold it in my hands, and you guys have been AMAZING. So patient. So grateful.


Let’s just peek at a few pictures from it while we read shall we?

If you’ve popped over and don’t have one yet, I wanted to chat a little about the book so it’s here. On the blog.

I LOVE snacks, and I LOVE sweets. But when I decided how I wanted to organize my first cookbook, I just kept thinking about what I felt would be the MOST helpful. For me that’s dinner. When you might be surrounded by other people and needs and you’re HUNGRY, but tired. It’s hard enough to get dinner on the table PERIOD. Dinner on the table while counting macros?? It’s enough to break the best of us! This is a book devoted to dinners that can serve your macro-goals, WHILE serving your whole family.

A Macro Cookbook Everyone Will Love

This book is a trove of dinner recipes designed to make meal planning and prepping a breeze. It’s organized by protein (10 different delicious recipes,) with the intent that you make a large batch of one of the ten options, and then use it in a number of delicious, fresh meals (the other 40 recipes) all week. I used to think I HATED leftovers. But now I just think that means you’re not doing them right! It’s all about using the right things in the RIGHT way.

best macro cookbook

Some of the recipes in this book are tried and true favorites from the blog, while others are making their debut.  But the organization alone will make your meal planning so much smoother. ESPECIALLY if you count your macros. Every recipe has been entered into My Fitness Pal for easy logging and the book explains exactly how to search for it in the MFP database.

macro recipe book

Beyond macro recipes, there’s some helpful information about macro counting and how to set appropriate numbers for yourself; as well as grocery lists (organized by store) with all of our favorite macro-friendly staples!

Click here to go grab one in digital or print formats. I hope you love it!

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Hello. My name is Lillie. I’m not a registered dietitian, or a macro coach, or a public figure or culinary genius. I’m a mommy of four who FOUND macro-counting and fell in love with this balanced approach to food...

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  1. Hello, I purchased several cookbooks with the ebook combo. I am struggling where to look to log in for the ebook.
    Please help


  2. I use these recipes weekly! The crispy pork carnitas is a staple at our house. We use it for rice bowls, burritos, quesadillas, burritos, on sandwiches, and more! I love that macros are already figured. The portions are generous and flavor combos are delicious.

  3. This cookbook completely changed the way that I looked at, and thought about food and cooking! I am now excited to cook because I know that it is going to be so beyond tasty. I’m talking dancing in your kitchen YUM!! This cookbook is quickly becoming a collection of my favorite meals.. I LOVE it!! Worth every single penny!!!!

  4. I love this book so so much! On Sundays I do a big batch of one of the proteins and the rest of the week is so easy. I just pull out some of the chicken, pork, etc. and make one of the recipes in this book for lunches and dinners and it saves me SO much time! This is how I like to meal prep every week and the recipes in this are so amazing. Lillie has honestly changed how I look at food. It doesn’t have to be boring and bland to be good for you. Buy this book!

  5. Lillie cookbook is worth every penny spent, 100x over! We make something out of her cookbook every week. So many options, you’ll always have something new to try. I love that this book is bulk meat prep, so we have meat prepped for lunches all week, no matter what anyone in our house is feeling for the day. And i love how “light” the macros are; it allows me to add fat and carbs where i want to! Now if only Lillie would write a new cookbook every few months. I will always be one of the first to buy every cookbook she puts out.

  6. Just curious if this cookbook has any dairy free recipes. I’m lactose intolerant and didn’t know if there were easy recipe modifications.

  7. I WANT this cookbook!!! As soon as my husband is back to full girl work I’m getting it!!! I just started
    on this journey so it’s so so new to me…and it’s overwhelming! Your recipes look AMAZING!

  8. I almost never leave reviews, but your cookbook is so good I had to! I love to cook and more importantly eat delicious food. But, unlike a lot of other “healthy” cookbooks, your recipes have so much flavor and normal ingredients. Also, as busy mom of four, I love how your cookbook is laid out with making a bunch of protein and using it in different recipes! It saves me so much time and I know it’s going to be delicious. My husband and my kids love the recipes I’ve made so far and I’m grateful to be making healthy but tasty food! Thank you! I hope you make more recipe books because I’m a fan.

  9. I literally am living by this cookbook! I am new to counting macros and this cookbook is what I have been using every week since I received it!! Down 15 lbs and I am not tired of the delicious recipes at all, in fact I still have to try the turkey meatballs (next week for sure) I just already have favorites that I love so much! My whole family loves it as well. Thank you for making this simple especially for a beginner like me!

  10. Your cookbook has changed my cooking so much. A family of 6 and we were eating out way too much. Now with busy kid schedules I can Bulk prep meat and make different meals. Worth every penny.

  11. Whether you are new to counting macros or are a macro connoisseur, this cookbook will never have you bored with your food. Mouth watering and GENEROUS portions to satisfy every pallet. My family has loved every recipe, and for the littlest or picky eaters, Lillie does a fantastic job of giving suggestions and modifications. Her bulk protein cooking hack is pure genius. I can’t say enough good things about this cookbook. Can’t wait for her next one!

  12. I am in love and it’s only been 2 weeks with my new cookbook! I could eat some of these meals every single day and never get sick of them, they are that good. Just as important as taste, I am a mom of 4 very busy kids and the meal planning is an absolute life saver. We have GF needs as well and these recipes are all so easy to make GF. Thank you so much!!!

  13. Love the layout of this book, recipes categorized by protein is GENIUS! SO easy to prep and plan for the week without eating the same boring meal. The pulled pork is the best I’ve ever had!! I can’t stop making it! I’ve made it three weeks in a row now and still not tired of it. Excited to try the rest of the proteins. I also love her little notes in each recipe. Worth every penny!

  14. I would definitely have to say that this was the most I’ve ever spent on a cookbook…. and I was new to following you, however, I’ve made 3/4 of the recipes and they are all amazing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a cookbook for 2 recipes, but with yours I plan on making every single one! Also every recipe is child friendly making it the best cookbook I’ve ever bought!

    1. I’m sorry for this delayed response! these comments really manage to hide from me. Ha! The way the printing price works out, the digital is just tossed in for free with the hard copy. But feel free o gift your digital to a friend!

  15. Hi! I’m really intrigued by this cookbook and so many of the recipes sound amazing! However, I’m mostly GF. Are most of the recipes in this cookbook going to be a no-go for me? Thanks!

    1. I’m so sorry for my delay! Ugh… I’m so much better at responding quickly on IG but need to remember to check over here! Ok so I didn’t create it to be GF of course, but I feel like the gluten is mostly in the obvious places. Buns, wraps, and pitas… so if you have a good alternative… I think the swaps would be pretty easy. Message me through IG if you want to chat more about it!

  16. I purchased the digital download & would now like to get the physical copy as well. Can I pay the $20 difference?

  17. I’m so so proud of you! And Grateful! Without these recipes I’d be eating egg white and chicken breath till I die of boredom! How many books did you sell in the first week? I hope a million! You deserve it!

    1. Ahh thank you! It was seriously such an exciting week. Even though I made a million mistakes… everyone’s been so nice and patient!