Macro-Friendly BBQ Chicken and Pear Pizza- 308 calories for the whole thing!


So last October Ross and I took a trip to Italy… Started in Rome, and then headed down through Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and over to Puglia.  It was AMAZING. And obviously we had the best pizza of our lives in Naples.  Not all over Italy… we decided it kind of sucks in Rome since they put it all on Focaccia.  But in Napoli (I used my accent there but you can’t hear it)… they had it down. I almost can’t even tell you why but I’m pretty sure it’s not just because I want to brag that I went there… it really was special.  So chewy and flexible but not just soft… burnt but not burnt… saucy but only from the creamiest freshest sweetest simplest San Marzano tomatoes and melty fresh mozzarella.  Oh man — I think I’m UN-selling this macro friendly pizza I’ve got here. But stay with me.

So we got home from Italy and I was so determined to perfect my pizza dough and use my much loved Williams Sonoma pizza oven to replicate our Nah-poh-lee pizza experience.  Ok but truth be told I was also feeling like I brought a little too much of that pizza home with me if you know what I mean and was needing to clean things up a bit… which led me tooooooo…..MACROS.  So macros stopped me in my tracks and I never perfected my Napoli pizza. Sad kinda. But guys — it was worth it.

I was so depressed about it at first, thinking pizza would really NEVER fit– seeing as it’s like all carbs and fat–  and a LOT of them.  When I’d see people claim it fit their macros and were having like A-SLICE I knew — that would NEVER work for me.  One slice is what I have in the car on the way home before I bring it in to my family.  It’s the part of my dinner I forgot I even ate.  A slice is just enough to make me mad I can’t have more.  There’s no way. Things would get ugly.

So then I was searching—–  ALWAYS searching for the most macro-friendly pizza crust or even FROZEN PIZZAS (so sad)  that I was sure were so thin the macros would HAVE to be acceptable, and I was shocked how high the carbs were. Every time.  I didn’t want just 1/4th of it or whatever.  Maybe I have a problem.  But quantity is important to me.  And even ones that looked as thin as a tortilla or were gluten free or sprouted were super high… They could have tasted like cardboard and I would have tried them, but I never found a base that was big enough and low enough to entice me…

UNTIL I found the Joseph’s Lavash wrap.

I should say this.  Lucky for me, it was never that classic, pepperoni, delivery style pizza that really had me. MY obsession, however, has always been a thin-crust artisan pizza.  No red sauce, lots of garlic, cheese (more was better but I’m coping), ideally something sweet (apples, pears, peaches, dates) and something salty (bacon, proscuitto) all topped with some fresh peppery arugula.  That’s my formula for sure.  Oh and a drizzle of olive oil was so good in the old days. I do miss that….

But it’s WORTH it.  Because piled on top of this lavash wrap for crust, I get this WHOLE pizza. And it’s all the flavors that I want and so light. Honestly I could probably make two fit my macros pretty easily for dinner.  But it fills you up so you don’t need two! And it takes long enough to eat that you don’t feel robbed like you would if you were to eat a slice of pizza hut. ONE slice for 14 fat and 38 carbs. ROBBED.

I won’t lie and tell you it’s a single thing like the pizza in Naples because it’s not.  But that’s ok with me.  It’s just two entirely different foods and this is still a TOTAL winner. And you get to FEEL like a million bucks after you eat it.  I can’t tell you how much I DON’T miss the feeling of over-eating so much I’m sick.  UGH the worst.

Macro-Friendly BBQ Chicken Lavash Wrap Pizza

This was one of the first things I did with the lavash when I bit the bullet and ordered some from amazon for the first time.  Now, they carry them at my Walmart for a normal price. But back then, new to macros, cutting, and hungry, it was worth every penny to spend $10 on a pack of four for these numbers.  Huge and surprisingly yummy as the base for these thin crust pizzas, they’re like magic at just 16 carbs, 3 fat, and 12 protein for that whole thing!  You could easily cover it with lots more cheese if you have room for the fat, or a good layer of red sauce which is so macro friendly if that’s your thing.  But I love this BBQ Chicken, caramelized onion, and pear combo with a good spread of garlic and low fat ricotta underneath.  Top it with cilantro, arugula, a drizzle of barbecue sauce and Bolthouse Ranch…. and then keep counting how many pieces you have remaining because it goes on forever and that’s A BEAUTIFUL THING.

Macro-Friendly BBQ Chicken and Pear Pizza- 308 calories for the whole thing!

Macro-Friendly BBQ Chicken and Pear Pizza

This is one of my FAVORITE go-to lunches when my carbs are lower. So satisfying and delicious… light and healthy!  So great if you don’t have a lot of meat since the lavash packs so much protein.
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Author Lillie
Course pizza
Cuisine American, Italian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 308 kcal


  • 1 Joseph’s lavash wrap Often sold at Walmart!
  • 3 ½ Tbsp. Low fat ricotta MIXED WITH half a cube of frozen garlic (50g) if you’re not buying these Dorot cubes from Trader Joe’s it’s time to start- or sub half a fresh clove.
  • 1/2 Tbsp. reduced fat blue cheese (6 g)
  • 1 Tbsp. Caramelized onion (15g)
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced pear (30g) apple is good too
  • 1/4 cup chicken, grilled, shredded, or rotisserie (also good with bbq pulled pork) (45g)
  • 1 Tbsp. Red onion, sliced
  • 1 Tbsp. no-sugar bbq sauce We like Kinders zero sugar or Stubbs


  • To caramelize onions, spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with kosher salt. Cook on medium/low for 20-30 min till soft. I just log 30 g raw onion and USE 15 grams of caramelized onion since it shrinks by half. If you don’t want to calculate your own you can feel pretty safe with that. Make plenty and save for burgers/pizzas/paninis etc!
  • Stir together ricotta and garlic
  • Spray lavash with olive oil spray and sprinkle with kosher salt
  • Spread with ricotta/garlic mixture
  • Top with reduced fat blue cheese, caramelized onion, pear, chicken, and red onion
  • Bake on a cookie sheet or pizza pan at 450 for 3-6 minutes until the edges are brown
  • Cut in pizza wedges and drizzle with 15 g BBQ sauce, and sprinkle with fresh cilantro
  • Pile on arugula and a drizzle of bolt house or ranch – (I added more after photo.)


Low-fat mozzarella is also a great addition when I have more fat to work with.  But I don’t miss it too much when it’s gone.
If you need more protein, this is SO easy to pile on the chicken and crank that number up!


Serving: 1whole pizzaCalories: 308kcalCarbohydrates: 34gProtein: 28gFat: 8g
Keywords bbq chicken, josephs, lavash, low carb, pizza, ricotta

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  1. 5 stars
    This recipe has been my new go-to on Friday nights. We do pizza Fridays around here and it had been challenging to find a macro friendly recipe for me. This pizza is so satisfying! I love that I can eat the entire pizza. The flavors come together really well. Tonight I am making this with full fat mozzarella added since I have extra fat in my macros tonight. This also makes a great appetizer. Thanks for all the recipes and adding them to MFP, so helpful as I cook something of yours at least twice a week.