If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I love my greens! Salads are so versatile, and filling and satisfying when done right. Here are the five secret ways I create killer salads. All of these suggestions will keep your salads macro-friendly!

1. Herbs!

Toss some fresh basil, dill, cilantro, or mint in with your greens and it will add SO much. Get creative and trust your gut! Don’t worry about what salads are “supposed” to look like. Use what you have and what you love. Herb-filled salads are light and refreshing, and give your salads that restaurant vibe.

2. Homemade Sauces!

You can find all kinds of ideas for light sauces and dressings in my cookbooks and here on the blog. Check out Favorite Macro-Friendly Sauces for recipes for Cilantro Pepita Sauce, Green Goddess Dressing, Cilantro Ranch, and Honey Chipotle Creamy Vinaigrette. I keep at least two or three in my fridge to use on my salads, crunch wraps, and sandwiches. I want to keep my salads interesting. This Dairy-Free Basil Pesto is a great go-to, and nothing beats the light, fresh, slightly spicy taste of Romesco Sauce (which you can use on practically anything). 

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3. Seasonings

Don’t underestimate the power of some quality salt and pepper! I use cracked pepper and Redmond Real Salt. So many people forget to season their salads. Also, remember to chop your salad finely so all of the flavors are in every bite. You’ll need a lot less dressing than you think when you’ve enhanced the flavors of your veggies by chopping well.

4. Easy non-dressing dressings

What is and isn’t a dressing? You get to decide. Experiment with hummus, tzatziki, bruschetta, pesto, or any quick homemade spreads you love. A lot of them ring in lighter than a typical dressing but offer a whole lot of flavor.

5. Sweet balsamic vinegar

As long as I’m stocked, I use this in almost all of my dressing recipes. I love Baker and Olive’s fruit-infused white balsamic vinegar. It’s truly so good that I also use it ALONE as a refreshing, naturally sweet dressing. It only has 3 carbs per tbs, so it doesn’t get lighter than this. And it’s unbelievably delicious. Try peach and lemon – those are my favorites. If you want more fats, just toss in some olive oil. And you can always whisk the vinegar with pesto or tzatziki to create a more legit dressing.

Looking for a new salad recipe to love? Try one of these.

Take Your Salads To the Next Level

I hope you love these 5 secrets to amazing macro-friendly salads, but these barely scratch the surface. Think outside the box and let yourself have some fun! Toss in some herbs, vinegar, new dressings, or sauces, even if you think they’re sauces with no business being on a salad! Keep things fresh and find the flavor combinations you love. 

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