TAKE ME BACK. Moorea & Bora Bora…I’ve had a few people asking me for the details, and it was just too long to put all in one Instagram caption. So if you’ve been wanting the info, this post is for you! Here’s a quick trip recap of our amazing vacation and how we planned the trip to Moorea and Bora Bora, what we did, what we ate, etc…

Lillie and her husband in Moorea

How We Planned the Trip: 

We’ve never used a travel agent, but I’ve heard that’s a great way to do it! Instead, we booked our trip through Costco Travel. We just can’t find the time to figure out all of the details ourselves, so using Costco Travel made it so much easier. Lots of customizing in one efficient phone call. They gave us a few hotel options with some packages that included dinners and some that didn’t. They figure out all the random legs of travel. No headache.

The General Plan: 

Our general itinerary was three nights on Moorea and four on Bora Bora. Absolutely loved both. I was actually worried we’d get bored on Bora Bora from some of the things we had heard, but we LOVED EVERY SECOND.

The package we chose included breakfast every day at the Sofitel on Moorea. While we were in Bora Bora, we had breakfast and a three-course dinner every night at the St. Regis. The breakfasts were both beautiful.😍

What We Did in Moorea: 

How We Planned the Trip to Moorea and Bora Bora

We stayed at the Sofitel in a bungalow (not over water). It was beautiful and had great AC, which was really important to me

…because outside it was HOT AND HUMID. I wasn’t fully prepared for just how hot it was going to be. Next time we’d go closer to our summer, which is their winter when it’s a little cooler and dryer. 

Lillie and Ross snorkeling

We did do a full-day snorkel tour with @captaintaina and loved it. We ESPECIALLY loved the lunch they make you off on a little private island. It was our first Poisson Cru and our favorite of all we tried!

Crew making lunch

When it comes to getting around the island, we didn’t plan to rent a car and it’s certainly not necessary. But it’s super affordable and easy.

It’s about $100 a day, which is about what a taxi would add up to if we went to the other side of the island, so we grabbed one the last full day. It allowed us to explore a little more. We checked out the Belvedere Lookout, did a very sweaty hike, found a new beach, and ate a yummy lunch at @snackmahana. It was definitely worth it for us. 

Lunch of Poisson Cru on Moorea

Where We Stayed in Bora Bora: 

In Bora Bora, we stayed at the St. Regis which was NEXT LEVEL. 

Huts on Bora Bora from St. Regis

We’ve never stayed somewhere so nice with such amazing service! They have a special “butler” assigned to every villa who greets you off the boat taxi, gives you a tour of the property, and takes care of you the entire time. Like she’d find us on the beach or at breakfast to make sure we didn’t need anything. She saw that we hadn’t made any dinner reservations and made them all for us. 😱 Every single member of the staff was just SO warm and nice. We were blown away.

How We Planned the Trip to Moorea and Bora Bora

When it comes to the room, the over water bungalow is EVERYTHING. As gorgeous as Moorea was, it’s hardly fair to compare because we weren’t over the water there. This was HEAVEN. Ours was a one-bedroom deluxe room with a view of the mountain and the sunset. Room 227. I’d choose it every time. 😍😍😍 

Huts on Bora Bora at night

And the water on Bora Bora is incredible because of the huge lagoon that’s protected by the reef. It’s an older island than Moorea, which means the island is slowly sinking while the coral reef is slowing rising, which creates this magnificent calm BLUEST OF BLUE water. The most clear, blue, pristine water to jump into every day with views that stop your heart. So dreamy. 

Getting Around in Bora Bora: 

St. Regis also has bikes outside of your villa for you to use all week. And it’s not just a cute little idea because they’re TOTALLY functional and everyone rides them everywhere. But you can also call for a ride to dinner (or anywhere) and they come pick you up in their golf carts. 🥰

Bike riding all over Bora Bora

In Moorea, you drive to experience local restaurants, but in Bora Bora, that’s only possible via a water taxi of some sort?? It’s definitely more difficult. There was a boat that went to the town once a day, but you had to go at 10:30 am and come back at 2:30 pm. It sounded like most people went to shop, which we weren’t interested in, so we didn’t make that one fit. 

What We Ate in Bora Bora: 

When it comes to what we ate in Bora Bora, we did eat dinner at the resort. It would’ve been pricey for sure if it wasn’t included in our price through Costco Travel! So keep that it mind if you’re planning on staying at St. Regis. 

We got a lot of recommendations to go to Bloody Mary for a meal, but it was closed! I was a little relieved since we had so much food available for us already at the resort. 😆

How We Planned the Trip to Moorea and Bora Bora: Food

For a few of the restaurants that we did get to try, we really loved Bamboo. Bamboo was our favorite, followed by the Italian Place, and then the Basic Grill. Lagoon was beautiful, but too fancy and small for us. 🤷🏼‍♀️👍🏼

Activities in Bora Bora: 

Lillie and Ross jumping off of the deck into the water

For excursions, we did a half day snorkel tour with Reef Discovery. We loved the guides and charming lunch on the full day in Moorea, but the snorkeling in Bora Bora was WAY better IMO. A lot more freedom to explore and the MOST gorgeous coral garden with vibrant colorful clams and coral (other worldly!) I’ll dream of it. 

Lillie and Ross snorkeling

There were so many gorgeous fish, Eagle rays, and giant Manta rays. It was magical.

How We Planned the Trip to Moorea and Bora Bora: Sea Turtle

Ross also did a quick hour of jet boarding which he loved, and I’ll actually be craving the boat snack of fresh tropical bananas, grapefruit, and coconut 😍.

Ross jet boarding

The excursions pick you up right at the resort boat dock. Everything feels so easy and luxurious. Zero stress. I’m gonna live ten more years now.

Lillie and Ross

Trip Recap: How We Planned a Trip To Moorea and Bora Bora 

The only two negatives that I have to confess is that it was SUPER hot and humid. And I did get a ton of mosquito bites that drove me crazy. 

When we go back, I think we will go closer to our summer/their winter, when it should be a little cooler and dryer. 

It wasn’t the kind of vacation where I felt beautiful haha. You’re constantly in and out of the water and it wasn’t worth it to blow dry or do my hair for dinner when it would just get hit with hot, humid air. But I embraced the wet hair and no makeup and loved how the heat makes you LIVE in the water with no reservations 😂

… and even if it were always that hot, we cannot WAIT to go back.This might be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. 

How We Planned the Trip to Moorea and Bora Bora: Sunset

I hope that answers of all your questions–don’t hesitate to ask if I forgot something. Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of those beautiful blue waters!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. We just booked our trip for July for our 50th Birthday. We are booked at the St. Regis for 5 nights OVB and then was going to move to the Hilton Nui for two more nights (saving some money by using points) but now am wondering if we should change the 2 nights to Moorea Hilton. Do you think Moorea was worth traveling too? We do love snorkeling but not sure if the change is worth the hassle.

    I’m not sure if I should change things up a bit or leave it like it is?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip as this is def. something on my bucket list. Can you advise about your flight? I am on the east coast so I am sure it will be exhausting! also, are you able to give a ballpark on what the flights and hotels cost? Thanks so much! -tammy

  3. I think ours was by islands?? Moorea then Bora bora. But we flew into Papeete in Tahiti.. then took a ferry. Costco gave us a few choices for hotels on both islands…

  4. What city would it be on Costco Travel? There are about 6 to choose from. I have googled high and low to see which to choose. thanks!

  5. I loved hearing you recount your planning of your trip to Tahiti via Costco travel. Forty-one years ago, my single brother took me to Tahiti because he wanted to go there. It took us 39 years to get Brian and I both back there, but we did love it. The water is unmatched! I envy your freedom, however, as we went with Columbus Travel on a cruise, and felt like our last day on BoraBora was wasted because of an all day barbecue. My brother and I stayed in the original Club Med huts, which no longer exist, and we rented a car one day and drove all over Moorea. Tahiti truly is dreamy.

  6. Great recap! We did our honeymoon here (also through Costco Travel!) and this post is making me want to go back!

  7. I want that. All. I also really appreciate how you filled us in and all of the details! Yeah, big time want.