It’s that time of year when the weather is changing, or if you live in a place like me-you wish it was! When temps start dropping, I can’t WAIT to switch over to cozy, warm meals, and for me, you can’t get cozier than a good soup! Here are 5 of our favorite macro-friendly soups we’ll be enjoying this fall.

#1- Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup

creamy chicken pot pie soup

This creamy chicken pot pie soup has ALL THE FLAVORS you expect of a pot pie, but lightened up. The same flavors you expected to be tucked inside walls of pie crust as a kid. Creamy. Garlicky. Comforty…. but with a few tricks. And, because it’s not tucked inside walls of pie crust, you can have a huge bowl! And you can easily make it dairy free if needed. Of course, if you DO want to bury this creamy skillet in pie crust, I support that with all my heart. It’s light enough to leave room for whatever starchy addition you choose! Biscuits, crusty bread, cornbread– I approve.

#2- Skinny Tomato Butternut Soup

This skinny tomato butternut soup is lightened up a bit, but brings all the same dippy, tomatoey magic that you remember from childhood. There’s just something about tomato soup. It’s where kid food and grown-up food happily collide.

tomato butternut soup

This recipe is stuffed full of veggies to bulk it up, and uses bone broth as the base to help keep our guts happy (ha!), WHILE adding a bit of protein. The calories are low because OBVIOUSLY we wanted to leave room for the grilled cheese, or at least a hunk of good crusty bread.

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#3-Lemony Chicken Soup

I do realize the real classics are all about chicken noodle soup, or chicken and wild rice soup, or chicken and quinoa soup… and while I LOVE my grains and my noodles… I love being able to manipulate my macros more. Which is what this recipe for lemony chicken soup lets me do! 

lemony chicken soup

Lemony chicken soup is classic and soul warming with just enough zesty, fresh lemon. All for killer macros so you can eat a giant bowl and still fit crusty bread because IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY? For me, this is the way to structure meals so you can really nail them. That way, when you give yourself the opportunity to eat a double serving if needed/wanted, you won’t increase ALL macros exponentially. You can choose as much bread or cooked pasta as you want to round our the meal to fit YOUR needs.

#4- Lighter Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Here’s the thing, when I first starting counting macros it was in the fall and I pretty much stopped making soups and chilis. It was too complicated to calculate a pot with a hundred ingredients! So sad right? So glad we’re past that.

This lighter instant pot chicken tortilla soup was one of my first calculated soups and I was so THRILLED! It might have been my first in the Instant Pot — which I LOVE.  I’m LOVING that I can throw some meat in the afternoon and have yummy shredded meats for a million different purposes within like 15 minutes! THAT is straight magic. And for this recipe, I just added all the yummy additions for tortilla soup and it was still done in about 15 minutes. Like add stuff to the Instant Pot, and 15-20 minutes later it’s ready to pile in your bowls like this. MAGIC.

instant pot chicken tortilla soup

Once I really got used to the recipe feature in My Fitness Pal, everything opened up and I feel like I can bring back all the comforting fall flavors again! So liberating. If you could use the help, I added a page explaining how to add and log a recipe over here.

#5- Chicken Minestrone Soup

This chicken minestrone soup is loaded up with lots of fresh veggies (only way to do soup in my opinion), plenty of spices, and tons of chicken to make it hearty, but super macro-friendly. I use rotisserie chicken breast which makes it so easy to throw together in about thirty minutes, start to finish. This is also a great one to make in advance and reheat anytime!

While minestrone is typically a vegetarian soup, I like to add chicken and a little bacon for protein, and BECAUSE, YUM.

chicken minestrone soup

5 Macro-friendly Soups You Need to Try This Fall

I’m sure you can you tell I’m ready for some snuggly weather and warm soups. Bring on fall! Don’t miss these 5 macro-friendly soups you need to try this fall. If you are looking for other macro-friendly meal ideas, check out my cookbooks, including one meal plan cookbook! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and TikTok for macro-friendly ideas too.

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