This last year we made the exciting move from the desert to the coast! We were so excited about our new location, but the house needed a good refresh. So much work. So many choices. But SO rewarding. This is just a snippet, but I wanted to share a few snaps and especially one of our favorite projects that I get asked about often: Our office doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors.

When we bought our home in San Diego, I swore I didn’t care if we never updated it, I was just so excited to live near the coast, nearer my family, and in the most beautiful climate, surrounded by great food. What more COULD I WANT.

But of course turning this home into one that we love has been such a huge blessing.

It’s amazing how some of the smallest things make me the happiest. Great coffee table books with puppy nibbles on the corners…

And this ocean scape I grew up with, passed down from my mom, done by my sweet and talented grandma. It makes me feel cozy and grounded, and like I can almost smell those raisin filled cookies that I sort of hated because kids+raisins… but also loved because GRANDMA.

One of the projects I was most excited about was installing these incredible doors to close off what was originally a formal living room, to make it our office.

Of course I thought it would actually be MY office, rather than a station for kids to do their distance learning, but we’ll take it.

The process was easier than I expected. I did use a contractor for the remodel of our home, Toolson Construction WHO WE LOVED. So we just had them measure the opening to the room, and I gave those measurements to Pinky’s. Pinky’s then built the doors custom, and we borrowed a big truck to go pick them up! Shipping is also an option though, of course.

Oh hi Elliot. No you cannot go rip the moss out of my office plant.

My contractor had a couple of men come and install the doors, a process that only took a couple of hours. A little touching up to the dry wall, and some paint a few days later, and we were done.

I worried there would always be a part of me that felt like the doors closed off the house a bit, but if anything, I feel like they just made it feel BIGGER. We’re obsessed.

Thanks Pinky’s! Now let’s hope school starts back up eventually and I get to kick my kids out and use my new office.

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