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Try these macro-friendly tostadas with pineapple salsa and chimichurri sauce. www.lillieeatsandtells.com
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Quick BBQ Pork and Pineapple Tostadas

Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time25 minutes
Course: Tostada
Cuisine: American, Mexican
Keyword: bbq pork, chimichurri, pineapple salsa, pork tenderloin, tostadas
Servings: 3
Calories: 362kcal
Author: Lillie


Pineapple salsa:

  • 2 cups fresh pineapple diced (300 g)
  • 2 cups cucumber diced (240 g)
  • 1 avocado chopped (125 g)
  • 1 cup red onion diced (125 g)
  • 2 limes squeezed (50 g)
  • 1 jalapeño diced (30 g)
  • ½ cup cilantro chopped (25 g)
  • ½-1 tsp kosher salt to taste
  • Pinch of pepper


  • Chop your leftover pork tenderloin into bite sized pieces. Heat a pan over medium heat and add bbq sauce to warm for just a minute.  Add pork and turn off heat. You don’t want to cook the meat again… just a little bit of heat from the sauce is plenty.
  • If you can’t find baked tostada shells, but want to keep those fats low, toast your own corn tortillas in a pan over medium heat, with a little oil spray and salt for a few minutes per side or until crispy. 
  • Place 6 tostada shells on a sheet pan. Divide the pork evenly between the shells, about 50 grams each. Sprinkle the 28 grams of cheese evenly over all six tostadas, that’s a little less than 5 grams each so yes, it’s small! Feel free to add more if you choose! 
  • Broil for just a couple of minutes until the cheese melts.  Then top each tostada with 40 grams of pineapple salsa and 10 grams of creamy chimichurri. A few pickled onions and extra cilantro are ALWAYS a good idea.


*If you can’t find baked tostada shells at the grocery store (mine were 10 carbs and less than 1 fat per tostada), simply pan fry your own. Find corn tortillas that are 10 carbs each, spray with a little cooking spray, salt, and cook over medium heat until on each side, until crispy.
-OR-- you can easily just enjoy these as tacos and keep your corn tortillas soft!
** This Kinder BBQ sauce is my new favorite for a naturally low-sugar option. It’s not stuffed full of artificial sweeteners, just normal good stuff and only 4 carbs for 2 Tbsp. I’ve used 1 Tbsp of BBQ sauce on each tostada. If you can’t find it but want your macros to match, just try and use 2 carbs worth of BBQ sauce PER tostada, or 12 carbs over all six.
I wanted you to actually see what was on the tostada. But the truth is, I'm always going to pile mine hight with salad greens or shredded lettuce, maybe with an extra drizzle of creamy chimichurri or a squeeze of lime, to add as much crunchy, fresh volume as possible!
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Serving: 2tostadas | Calories: 362kcal | Carbohydrates: 38g | Protein: 31g | Fat: 10g | Fiber: 4.4g