Instant-Pot Pulled-Pork and Lighter Cornbread Waffles

BBQ Pulled Pork and Lighter Cornbread Waffles

Love this combo! More of an idea than a recipe…. but sharing anyway! Such a fun and quick way to make a new meal out of your leftover pork!



  1. Just mix the first four ingredients together and cook in a sprayed waffle iron! You could totally play with this to lower carbs by stretching it with Flapjacked mix or Kodiak cakes… or even add protein powder if you want higher protein. We kept it simple and just lightened up the basic mix so I knew everyone would like them.
  2. Top each waffle with 55 grams pulled pork, 30 grams slaw, 1/2 tbs bbq sauce, and I love a little drizzle of syrup!